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Sandeep Bhardwaj13:10:10

Thanks Tanya, we are looking forward to a productive summit, helping everyone to gain business agility thru NextGen DevOps and Scaled Agility.

Dipannita Das13:10:45

All the best team... Break a leg... Kelly, Nawin, Osman, Sandeep...

Kelly Fidei14:10:36

Thanks all. The WebEx is open for the trial run and I will keep it open throughout the day

osman mohammed14:10:24

Thanks everyone, Welcome, Looking forward to learn and understand your DevOps challenges.

Sandeep Bhardwaj15:10:36

This is Infosys booth link, pls use it for connecting

Kelly Fidei17:10:29

Welcome all from the Infosys coaching team

Sandeep Bhardwaj17:10:03

Welcome everyone to Infosys booth!

osman mohammed17:10:19

Welcome everyone, Look forward to chat with you @ our Infosys booth!

Nawin , Infosys18:10:31

Hi Tanaya , do we know why this is still not up

Tanaya Pathak18:10:37

Hi Nawin, please you use this link to visit Infosys:

Sandeep Bhardwaj18:10:09

Traditional way of working has a long Feedback loop – by the time we find problems, it is too late to fix them. In addition, it takes a never-ending time to deliver value to business, mostly late. Come see how Infosys is helping their customers to speed up Business Agility with DevOps.

Sandeep Bhardwaj18:10:43

Are you aware of your organization's Business Agility score, come check your Business Agility score at Infosys booth