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Luke Archer - PagerDuty09:05:46

Good morning everyone! PagerDuty is excited to be jointly sponsoring DOES this year with Rundeck (who we acquired last year) • Check out for some great content on automation & incident response (and to win a Nintendo Switch!) • Sign-up to watch a great with William Hill playing on Thursday!

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Viren Patel, PG, Technical Product Mgr09:05:37

Just registered for the Giveaway and I got an email with a session for 22nd April :thinking_face:

Luke Archer - PagerDuty10:05:30

Thanks for flagging @patel.v.10 – there shouldn't be any emails going out from that page.... I'll fix it now

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Viren Patel, PG, Technical Product Mgr10:05:24

Same message is displayed on page as well when you enter your details

Luke Archer - PagerDuty10:05:52

And that's what we get for copying and pasting landing pages! All fixed now, thanks for your help @patel.v.10

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Traci Myers12:05:31

Schedule a demo of runbook automation. Learn how you can enable anyone to safely execute self-service operations tasks that previously only subject matter experts could perform.

Traci Myers13:05:19

What is Runbook Automation? Easily translate expert #ops knowledge into automated procedures that anyone in your organization can execute on-demand.  Check out our 2 minute overview.

Traci Myers13:05:32

Get the latest Rundeck stickers for your 💻!

Traci Myers16:05:01

See how Alice the SRE uses Runbook Automation to delegate repetitive tasks, freeing her up to work on what matters most.