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Cindy Lin - LaunchDarkly13:10:23

Good morning and happy Day 1! If you have any questions about LaunchDarkly, please feel free to drop them in this channel. Our staff will be available throughout all 3 days of the conference 🙂

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Andrew Lethcoe14:10:50

On your website there is a Build vs Buy section. Our company 'did some research' and they said it would be 'too expensive' to use Launch Darkly. Do you have a PDF or document we can use to push back from the development/operations departments?

Cindy Lin - LaunchDarkly14:10:25

@alethcoe I will have someone from our team DM you more info! 🙂


I shared a link to your solution with my org on 8/12. Andrew and I plan to join the happy hour at 5 today, looking forward to learning about your product!

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Pete Heller16:10:52

@alethcoe Hi Andrew - very often organizations underestimate the time and effort it takes to create, maintain and advance an enterprise class tool. We have tons of resources answering your exact question, and our Business Value Consulting group can help you create a custom cost comparison if and when that's needed. The most important thing in putting a case like this together is knowing what your required end state really is and making the case for that first. Don't get caught in the trap of comparing the costs of the enterprise tool you really need versus the cost of a half-measure. Everyone knows the answer to that. Once all agree on the end state, however, you can very easily show the most efficient, smartest, most cost effective way to deliver it.

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Cindy Lin - LaunchDarkly17:10:32

We’re having a happy hour after the conference today, featuring the man himself, Gene Kim! We’ll be giving out cocktail kits to those who participate, so register now. Here’s the link:

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