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Vincent, MuseDev17:10:23

Hello all running a demo in zoom, talking through what MuseDev provides and how to run your first analysis

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Thomas DuBuisson18:10:51

Not every tool is right for every team. Some analysis passes really hit the nail on the head, for example in apache's skywalking

Thomas DuBuisson18:10:58

Other times it can help to customize the tools. We run deep analysis operations including Infer, ErrorProne, FindSecBugs, ShellCheck, StaticCheck, and more. Controlling your analysis tools is as easy as a configuration file telling the CI what's best. If PR reviews feel unproductive then reach out to us, we'd be happy to hear your pain points and share our experiences.

Victoria Wells, MuseDev18:10:24

🔥There's still time to participate in the 🔥 running on DOES community Open Source projects like Walmart Concord and CapitalOne Hygieia. Smash at least one bug or smash the most bugs to be entered for prizes (including a Nintendo Switch). Each bug smashed gives you extra tickets for the drawing. The contest is open through 11:59pm Sunday, and we are hosting two more live streams today to help you get setup with the Bash • with MuseDev Engineer @ncohen with MuseDev Ceo @stephen If you have any question, check out the #xpo-muse channel to connect with our Engineers. Happy Hunting!

Stephen Magill [Sonatype]19:10:08

@tommd: I love that example. Any other favorite bug reports from Muse? I like this one:

Thomas DuBuisson19:10:45

@stephen That is a good one. I'm a fan of a null exception (Fixed in a later PR, not this link):

Stephen Magill [Sonatype]19:10:40

That’s a good one, especially because there are multiple ways to fix it — it’s a great example of why reporting and discussing bugs in code review (including those found by automated tools) is such a useful workflow.

Stephen Magill [Sonatype]20:10:58

I’m hosting a demo / Supply Chain Research Q&A here: Stop by to talk about either!