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Nagesh Kapalavayi02:10:02

Qurate Retail Group (QRG - QVC/HSN/Zulily) is hiring! We are going through an enterprise transformation on many fronts, folks looking for a change, want to be part of a global transformational initiatives this will be an exciting time to join. My team is leading the DevSecOps transformation initiatives with a vision of "code commit to prod deploy hands-free"! We are deep into Jenkins, Artifactory, Kubernetes, Spinnaker, Vault, Consul, Azure, etc. Looking for Senior and Mid-level DevOps Engineers. If interested, message me directly. You will not regret the role and the impact you would make globally (US, UK, DE, ITY, JP)

Scott Erlanger - Digital.ai12:10:23

We are looking to hire talented people across several areas at, including Marketing, Engineering, and Product. Take a look at our available job openings and apply today! Interested in joining Product Marketing in DevOps?


ReleaseTEAM is hiring across sales and consulting teams

Steve E17:10:45

Hyatt Hotels is hiring for a few positions in Chicago or Remote In the next 3-5 days, a posting for a Senior Platform Engineer will be made active. Reach out to me directly if interested.

Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)18:10:01

Come join Tasktop’s amazing team today! Check out all of our current openings on our careers page, and apply online.

Phil Wicklund18:10:41

Hello everybody! I'm the Product Owner of the DevOps and Cloud Enablement teams at Medtronic within our Cardiac Heart Failure (CRHF) division (i.e. pacemakers, heart monitoring mobile apps, AI-assisted predictive heart-health outcomes, etc), and we're hiring more remote engineers onto our team! As a DevOps Engineer at Medtronic, you would be part Technology Evangelist, helping evangelize DevOps culture and best practices, as well as part Technology Enabler, where we're seeking to bootstrap our cloud infrastructure and CI/CD technologies to remove the friction that development teams often experience when trying to be more agile. It's a ton of fun and we're making a real impact on people's lives, impacting both the patient experience and their renewed wellbeing, as well as our internal developer experience by removing the BS that gets in the way of building awesome digital experiences. Below is the link to apply if you're interested, or feel free to reach out to me if you have questions...

Andy Nelson19:10:09

Hey another MSP based attendee!👋

Phil Wicklund19:10:43

hullo! Small world indeed! CHR is a great place, I used to work at RBA and we did a lot of services work with you guys.

Andy Nelson20:10:31

Nice! My neighbor works at Medtronic as well as some other friends. Good stuff - hopefully you have enjoyed the conference.

Phil Wicklund20:10:39

Totally! My first virtual conference. It really has gotten more meaningful the more I engage on Slack and BoF... first day was kind of a flop because I didn't "get it" at first... Cheers, and enjoy your last day!

Derick Stenftenagel - Director - Cloud and Platform Svcs, Edward Jones19:10:28

Edward Jones is looking for great talent in a number of positions (Cloud, SRE, Mobile App Development, Product Delivery, etc) . Many positions are open for remote work anywhere in the US. Below is a link to our careers site, or DM me if you’re interested in a specific role

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