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Dessie, Sonatype00:10:11

Join Sonatype for an exclusive AMA session with Gene Kim, tonight at 5:30 PT. Make sure to also secure your...complimentary copy of The Unicorn Project eBook while supplies last! password is DOES

Dessie, Sonatype00:10:07

If you haven't secured your t-shirt get your request in now for the official!

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Dessie, Sonatype17:10:06

👋 Join Sonatype for our 3rd and final day of DOES 2020 🎉🎮 and share with us your favorite Classic Nintendo game for entry into our Nintendo Switch Raffle! • While you are there be sure to secure your 👕 • Stay for our 10:50 PT Demo on the next generation of #dependencymanagement • Finally, meet us for our final Birds of a Feather session at 2:45:

Dessie, Sonatype17:10:44

Sonatype's next generation of #dependencymanagement demo for newest product starts in 10 minutes at 10:50 PT!! Join us and enter our raffle for a free Nintendo Switch (and get your too)!!

Robb Barwis19:10:51

Hey Jason, was great to have. A pleasure to meet you

Dessie, Sonatype21:10:53

Our last Birds of a Feather starts in less than 10 minutes! Join Sonatype in the #bof-sec-audit-compliance-grc

Dessie, Sonatype23:10:28

With another amazing DOES wrapping up, thank you to everyone who connected with us this week! Sonatype is proud to be the Premiere Sponsor and look forward to another great event next year. If you cannot wait for next year, you can see us again at

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