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Michelle Fitzgerald_Plutora21:10:43

Did you hear all of the buzz around the Value Stream Management with #xpo-plutora-vsm and #xpo-hcl-software-devops!, and check out these other ways to connect: Don't miss these free ebooks and analyst reports at the booth:📑 Forrester Report: a complimentary copy of the '  • 📖 Mastering Software Delivery with Value Stream Management • 💊 Case Study: Showcasing how A Major Pharma Company is Boosting Productivity Check out this other great stuff🎁 Enter to win a Oculus VR Gaming Headset • 🖥️ Demos every half hour on the :00 and the :30 through the end of the show today!  (Or Busy today?!  Sign up at the booth to get a personalized 1:1 demo after the show to see how complex enterprises are amplifying DevOps with Value Stream Management!