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Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig16:10:13

Sad that the final day of DOES is here 😞 but the still has a lot to check out before you go! We still have a few mystery swag boxes to give away today, check out how to claim yours: 🖥️ Join one of our 💻 @ 3:00pm PDT with @pawan.shankar, Sysdig’s security expert for an Ask me anything: Security & Compliance session.  📆 Want to chat 1:1 with one of our experts? Book a time with us

Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig17:10:43

Thank you ALL who attending our happy hours this week and played Cards Against Containers online with the and fellow peers! If you want to check out our online game and play with friends or co-workers, visit and start a game today.

Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig18:10:48

🔒 There’s still time to reserve your spot in our final hallway track session “Ask me anything: Security & Compliance” at 3:00pm PDT -! No security question is off limits for @pawan.shankar as he shares practical tips and advice from image scanning to compliance.

Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig20:10:19

🏃:woman-running:Come see Sysdig’s powerful troubleshooting with kernel level observability LIVE now with @eric.magnus! Join the demo now to claim your mystery swag box before they run out:

Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig20:10:04

Like what you’ve seen so far? Don’t forget to sign up for a 30 day free trial here :

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Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig21:10:43

LAST chance to grab your Kraken t-shirt + swag box from the Sysdig team: 🔒 Join our hallway track session “Ask me anything: Security & Compliance” at 3:00pm PDT -! No security question is off limits for @pawan.shankar as he shares practical tips and advice from image scanning to compliance. 🖥️ Attend our of the day at 3:00pm PDT to see the Secure DevOps Platform in action.

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Ron S21:10:36

How do I get a Kraken t-shirt + swag box?

Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig21:10:17

you attend our next demo at 3pm PDT or our hallway track session at 3pm PDT both linked in the above post 🙂

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Phil Jochimsen (UW-Madison)22:10:36

Here's a slack message...Swag? 😉

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Ron S22:10:47


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Vincent Bernesi22:10:16

attended the demo, sending the slack message 🙂

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Aaron Brock22:10:20

Also attending the demo, it is really cool

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Aaron Brock22:10:08

How does it work if you are in a hybrid Azure and on prem?

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Aaron Brock22:10:03

I like how it rolls up all the clusters in one view

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Ron S22:10:47

Great demo

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Aaron Newcomb22:10:51

It will work the same way 🙂 Sysdig is great for hybrid and multicloud environments.

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Phil Jochimsen (UW-Madison)22:10:47

Admittedly a sysdig newb question: Is it possible to get specific application information that borders on profiling? (example: being able to get down to a specific web request and it's time spent on things like disk access, time in php, perhaps even time spent on which php scripts)

Aaron Newcomb22:10:22

@phil.jochimsen I believe the correct answer is "yes" to an extent. We don't do application tracing at the moment. So, it depends on how you want to track those requests.

Phil Jochimsen (UW-Madison)22:10:50

Perhaps a rephrase of my question: Right now web application performance is a black box, inside of that black box are things like apache, php, ec2 and efs. Even if we got a smoking gun for A/B testing the amount of time spent in any of those, it would be a good step in the right direction. I understand that application tracing would be all the extra details inside of php.

Pawan Shankar22:10:12

@phil.jochimsen yes we can automatically profile your container images and create a whitelist policy for you. Over a 24 hr period, we look at syscalls, file system events, network conns and processes, learn the behavior and create a profile.

Phil Jochimsen (UW-Madison)22:10:58

And ditto for non-containers, since sysdig comes in at that Kernel module level, right?

Pawan Shankar22:10:25

so if your container image is running a specific process, and all of a sudden starts running netcat for example, we can alert you

Pawan Shankar22:10:42

we don't profile non-containers today, just container images and build a auto profile for your image

Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig23:10:53

The Sysdig team is sad to see DOES go.. BUT you can still visit our booth over the weekend while you’re checking out the sessions and catching up!  We’ve got some great content on there, videos, our FREE 30 day trial link, and much more! Don’t miss it! Thanks again for stopping by #xpo-sysdig and taking the time to learn why embedding security, compliance and monitoring into your DevOps workflows will help to ship your cloud applications faster. ☁️ See you next year!