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Maddy Finfrock, Split00:10:25

We've gone fishing 🎣 Head over to our Happy Hour to join the AMA with Jon Smart! He's talking about his new book, Sooner Safer Happier (you can download it for FREE btw) Join us on Zoom now! 👉

subhashree mishra14:10:08

I would like to preorder Sooner Safer Happier

subhashree mishra14:10:14

But I am based out in India

subhashree mishra14:10:35

Is there a possibility to ship to India

Ann Perry - IT Revolution14:10:38

Hi Subhashree – unfortunately, there are no shipping options to India for the hardcover pre-order. Were you able to access the ebook from our friends here at Split?

subhashree mishra14:10:45

Yes I have the ebook .Thanks for checking.

Prasad Gamini18:10:35

@annp I missed the book yesterday... can I get the book hard copy?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution18:10:11

Hi Prasad – you can acquire the ebook from our friends here at Split. For the hardcover, we're running a 30% off discount for DOES attendees here: