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Brian Marshall - CarMax01:10:12 is hiring like crazy! If you are interested in the Technology side of things, we have over 60 newly open positions spanning from mid-level Engineer to Architect to Executive, and spanning from our Product teams to Data Warehousing to Data Science to Salesforce to Quality Engineering. And for the first time ever, almost all of our roles are FULLY REMOTE! We have a commitment to our DevOps Culture, and have been a Fortune 100 Best Place to Work for 16 years. I've been here for 12.5 of those years and can vouch for how great the company is. Our developer/engineer positions are normally Azure, C#, .NET Core, Azure DevOps, React, and a variety of other technologies depending on the team. But it's not just Technology positions that are open - if you're interested in Product Management or Product Design, we also just opened over a dozen roles there too. If you're interested in chatting about any roles please message me, or visit

Dale Rodriguez12:10:54

Sysdig continues to grow and we are looking for talented people. If you are interested, please apply here or ping me.

Scott Nelson Windels16:10:33

Hello! slack Slack has open opportunity for a Staff (or Senior level) Software Engineer on the** team in the SF Bay Area or Remote. The Data Infrastructure team builds, manages and maintains Slack’s Data Warehouse and provides the best blend of tools and technologies that will strengthen the efficiency and dependability of the way we make data-drive decisions. This team is looking to hire an engineer with at least 5-7 years of full time industry experience, a DevOps/SRE background, skills with Kubernetes/Terraform/Chef, and either having worked in the Data domain or having keen interest in Data.

Dakota Wandro16:10:17

Have you ever heard of O, O, O, O'Reilly Auto Parts...Ow?! We are looking for a talented and motivated;trk=mcm (Springfield, MO - remote-friendly), and (Springfield, MO - some remote-friendly) to join our ever-growing team of technical experts. As a member of Team O'Reilly, you will help us develop and support software solutions to keep people and their vehicles on the road, with high quality, readily-accessible parts at reasonable prices, and above all else, excellent customer service! DM me if you would like to discuss!

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<!here> Hi everyone! I'm a site reliability enginner/DevOps engineer with more than 19 years experience in software development. Whithin the last couple of months, I have been impacted by covid 19 and unfortunately I am again looking for a job. If you have any open positions in the Netherlands, please let me know. Thanks!

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James Feudo16:10:21

@alireza.chegini best of luck with your search. Given that many companies are allowing for remote work, could you expand your search to employers outside of the Netherlands?


@james_feudo thanks! I have a visa requirement for my job but I might be able to do that. I need to check if i can.

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Blake (Community at DZone; Gene Kim Fan Club Member 2,000,005)17:10:14

Highly recommend @alireza.chegini above. One of the best leaders, team-focused, and all-around DevOps + Agile + expert and so much more. Based in the Netherlands but can work remotely. A recommendation at volume 11 or if you know anyone else hiring, let them know as well. So talented, so much experience, and such a great positive energy that every team should have.

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My team is hiring a Sr Engineer on our Cloud Platform Team at TCF Bank!

Peter Maddison18:10:21

A friend of mine in the FI space is hiring a DevOps Engineer to build out a cloud based open banking system. Posting is below to apply. You can DM me for more info too.

Tanya Repper19:10:39

Delphix is hiring! Whether you’re an #analytics whiz, genius #developer, or a rockstar #productmanager, we have something for you.  Check out our 40+ open roles here ⬇️

Ross Clanton20:10:44

American Airlines is hiring for a number of roles, many of which we are still in the process of opening up or we are planning to open in the next couple months, so I don't have the formal job descriptions to point you to yet. Having said that here are some of the roles we are planning to hire. • Cloud / Infrastructure Director (reporting to me) • Software engineers • Platform engineers for our Developer Experience platform (called Runway) • Product and Technical coaches in our Hangar (aka Dojo) • Strategic Product Mindset SME (I need a product :unicorn_face: for this one ) • Technical Product Owners If you are interested in exploring any of these paths with us and in helping take the American Airlines transformation to the next level, why don't you DM me and we can start the conversation.

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Ross Clanton20:10:49

Of course, you can always check out for jobs we have open too 🙂

Ross Clanton21:10:39

It depends 🙂. For most of our roles they would be in DFW or Phoenix. Some may be remote.

Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)20:10:58

Looking for your dream job? Tasktop are currently hiring for a number of positions in our product development, sales, and marketing departments. Check out all of our openings and apply online today!

Blake (Community at DZone; Gene Kim Fan Club Member 2,000,005)21:10:26

On DZone we just published an interview we did with @alireza.chegini today. He's currently based out of the Netherlands and open to work there or remote. Excellent teammate, leader, and DevOps Engineer.

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Melissa Hoskins (Kenzan, Agile Solutions)22:10:46

Kenzan is hiring! Cloud Solutions Architects, Cloud Consultants, and Agile Solutions Professionals

Tor Flatebo22:10:17

I am hiring on my team at Best Buy on the Productivity Engineering team. We serve our engineering teams in creating solutions and tools to make their work easier. Come join us as we work to make technology work for everyone, and a focus on delivering great digital experiences for our customers.