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Jim DeMarre02:10:00

I'm not able to login. I'd like to view some of the sessions I wasn't able to attend today.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution02:10:57

Hi Jim, sending you a DM

Crispin Velez Villazon13:10:24

Hello! QQ until when do we have the recordings available to review?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution13:10:20

Hi Crispin! All recordings will be available to you for 7 days post conference.

Crispin Velez Villazon14:10:25

Thanks Ann! is there any long term repo where we can access afterwards?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution14:10:59

We'll have a plan set up by the end of the conference for longer term access, let me get you that link.

Tom Coudyzer14:10:24

Could it be that the presentation from the Breakout session of Michael McKay is missing? Could also be me experiencing a virtual jetlag and not be fully awake 😂

Tom Coudyzer14:10:21

Correct thats the presentation, perhaps I phrased it wrong, was looking for the slidedeck on GitHub/Dropbox (There you have the virutal jetlag, meaning me being unclear 😉 )

Use other profile14:10:02

ah! Let me see if we have it yet.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution17:10:06

It's being uploaded as we speak!

Philip Day21:10:02

Did any more get uploaded? Don't see Steven Spear for example.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution22:10:12

We're still waiting on final versions for a few more slides – we will hopefully have them soon!

Paul Pennel - he/him - Edward Jones17:10:51

Same question but for GitHub. I assume answer is the same?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution17:10:03

Still working on GitHub - hopefully soon!

Paul Pennel - he/him - Edward Jones17:10:59

Thanks. I was excited by some of what I heard so it is a good problem

Jason Nelson - Centil - product agility coach17:10:04

hanging out in the AMA zoom room for Kessel Run, but no presenters here. Is this still happening?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution17:10:37

Hang on, Jason - I think there may be a slight change....

Ann Perry - IT Revolution17:10:16

I'm so sorry – Adam/Kessel Run AMA is moving to tomorrow during networking at 2:50p PT. We'll be making a formal announcement soon!


I can't find the slides for John Willis - DevOps 2020 - Re:Think! Is it available? What is it called? Thanks.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution18:10:19

Hmmm...those haven't been loaded yet. Let me check on their ETA!

Ann Perry - IT Revolution18:10:22

We'll be uploading shortly – should have it up by EOD!

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Frotz Faatuai (Cisco IT - he/him)19:10:17

I’m looking for the slides from yesterday’s session by Tina Huang - Speeding to Resolution with Human-in-the-Loop Automation.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:29

Let me find out - will get back to you shortly!

Craig Larsen - he/him - Solution Design Group Mpls19:10:56

Just fyi ... the link to the Emoji Game is broken. : (

Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:15

On it, @craig.larsen - thank you for the heads up!

Craig Larsen - he/him - Solution Design Group Mpls19:10:43

Thanks to everyone behind IT Revolution in supporting DOES 2020! You all are doing a great job. (I bet that agile board looks crazy - haha)

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Denver Martin - Sr. Mgr Cloud Ops Infrastructure20:10:51

Not sure if this is the right place to ask… Are there any Continuing Education Credits or Continuing Professional Development Credits or similar item, related to attending? Looking to find documentation, if there is…

Ann Perry - IT Revolution20:10:28

Hi Denver - there are not but it has been topic that surfaces from time to time : )

Denver Martin - Sr. Mgr Cloud Ops Infrastructure20:10:25

okay, thanks… i will just submit the schedule as evidence of attending and hours of material.


Hello : Is there a give away for the book Team Topologies by Manuel Pais? I missed the AMA / Lunch meeting by a whisker 😞

Ann Perry - IT Revolution20:10:04

Hi Arun! Yes - our friends at TeamForm can help you at their booth or here, in Slack.

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Ann Perry - IT Revolution20:10:14

Good news! The AMA is during tomorrow's lunch!

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Jeffrey Price20:10:55

BIG shout out to whoever "fixed" the missing full-screen view for today's sessions. Thank you x3!

Use other profile20:10:48

None other than @patrick.debois256!

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Claudia Fetter20:10:18

Trouble getting to the AMA

Patrick S. Kelso21:10:01

I'm having trouble logging in to I get the error > We're sorry but we are unable to log you in at this time. Please try again later. I tried requesting a password reset but it never arrives, despite me receiving all the other DOES emails.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution21:10:39

Hi Patrick - let me check a few things and get right back to you!

Patrick S. Kelso21:10:42

Thanks. My account email is <|>

Patrick S. Kelso21:10:30

If I put the wrong password in it tells me it's wrong if that helps 🙂 Some systems I've discovered don't like my nl_COMPANYNAME email catch all and reject emails with the companyname part, but it all worked for London. The problem with supporting an IT conference, everyone's an expert. I'll shush now. thankyou

Ann Perry - IT Revolution21:10:25

I love it – and very helpful! Will come back with good news soon, hopefully!

Ann Perry - IT Revolution22:10:34

@nl_does Okay, we fixed one of the settings and can see your account in there. Could you try one more time to reset your password? If not, we'll escalate with the software folks. Thank you!!

Patrick S. Kelso23:10:54

Same problem. It says it's sending the password reset, but it's not appearing in my inbox. (or spam filters).

Ann Perry - IT Revolution23:10:51

Okay, we're escalating...I'm so sorry!

Patrick S. Kelso23:10:03

I can also create a new account, are all the books from the London summit included in this summit? I can't remember what I already had.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution23:10:22

I think they are, plus some new ones!

Mark Fuller21:10:31

Is the AMA still on? Waiting on hold for nearly 10 minutes now.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution21:10:00

Which one are you trying to join? John's or Steve's?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution21:10:29

It's going, hold on...

Ann Perry - IT Revolution21:10:00

I don't think he has a waiting room on, just confirming the link:

Ann Perry - IT Revolution21:10:10

I also just pinged the people in the session.

Mark Fuller21:10:20

@annp, thanks. One bit of feedback is that it would really help if we used something other than zoom for these or configured them for direct access. My company does not allow zoom to be installed on our devices so I have to keep a parallel personal device running to enter these.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution21:10:31

Totally understand – we are waiting for that perfect solution to come along 😔

Goudy S22:10:53

how long we can access the free giveaway ebooks?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution22:10:25

Through the end of the conference tomorrow. Is there a particular one you're interested in?

Goudy S22:10:57

I'm interested in couple of books 1. The DevOps enterprise Journal 2. Sooner Safer Happier but completing them within two seems to be difficult for me

Ann Perry - IT Revolution22:10:45

You just need to sign in once and you'll have access to the books forever. I'm sorry, I misunderstood your question!

Ann Perry - IT Revolution22:10:17

Correct answer: you'll have all the time you need to finish them once you sign in and access each one.

thankyou 2
Goudy S22:10:45

tats really great.. I'll add other books as well in my library 😄

Kurt A, Clari23:10:52

video seems to be frozen in plenary

Kurt A, Clari23:10:14

ah, player locked up and then went on pause - working again now

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