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Katrina Sison15:10:27

Happy day 2 <!channel>! Please join us today! • Our co-founder and CTO, Peter, will be hosting a session at 2:05pm, track 4 --> - You don’t want to miss it! •! Join a quick 5 min demo and ask all your questions about boosting performance and maintaining or lowering your cloud bill! • - ask us any unanswered questions from Peter’s session, meet the team, and play a fun scavenger hunt to win a gift card! We will have 1 demo raffle today and 1 happy hour raffle to win a $200 Giftly card!

Katrina Sison17:10:45

Happening in 10 min (10:45am) ! Opsani will be hosting a to show you how we can help you meet performance goals and lower cloud cost without slowing down on delivery! Join to enter our raffle for a! <!channel>

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Katrina Sison19:10:57

<!channel> Don’t miss your chance to learn how to save on your cloud budget AND meet your performance goals  🤯  Sign up for Opsani Co-Founder & CTO’s Peter’s speaking session Wednesday October 14 @ 2:05pm 💥

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Katrina Sison20:10:30

<!channel> 5 min till Peter’s Session! Click track 4️⃣! Join to see “Optimizing @ Scale” and learn how to take your optimization from manual and reactive to autonomous and continuous!

Katrina Sison22:10:38

<!channel>10 Min till Opsani’s Demo where we will show you how our Continuous Optimization as a Service platform works! Learn how you can boost performance and cut cloud cost - at the same time. Attend to enter our raffle for a $200 gift card!

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Paul Frank23:10:17

End Day 2 with a bang!💥 We’ll answer all your optimization questions while enjoying our drink of choice! you will have the chance to win a Starbucks gift card and be entered in our raffle to win a $200 Giftly gift card.

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