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Elisabeth Doherty16:10:16

Hey everyone!! So happy to be here and meet so many new people! 🙂 Looking forward to chatting!!

Sarah Wills16:10:29

<!here> Welcome to the Snyk booth! We are excited for day 2 look forward to chatting with everyone 🎉!! Check out our activities below:point_down: 👕 See a Snyk demo and get a free t-shirt: 🤝 Stop by our booth: 🎵 Enter our AirPod Pro Raffle:

Sarah Wills17:10:48

<!here> Sign up for one of our afternoon demo sessions to learn how Snyk secures open source libraries and containers without slowing down development cycles! 💫 Bonus - we'll ship you one of our famous Snyk tees 😎;utm_source=does20 or reply in the thread and we will set up a time to chat!