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Traci Myers at Rundeck13:10:55

Welcome to Day 2! Join Rundeck today for a host of exciting things happening, including: 🖥️ Demos of Rundeck at the top of every hour on our, starting at 9 am PST   🎧 Be sure to for a pair of BOSE noise canceling headphones. 🍸 At 5:30pm PST grab a cocktail and join the makers of Rundeck for our! 🍺

Traci Myers at Rundeck16:10:47

Live demo of the Rundeck interface beginning in 5 min!

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Traci Myers at Rundeck17:10:12

Who remembers this from DOES Las Vegas 2019? No spinning wheel of prizes in 2020, but we ARE!

Traci Myers at Rundeck17:10:46

Live demo of the Rundeck interface happening now! Join our team of experts and lets talk DevOps.

Traci Myers at Rundeck19:10:16

Today's sessions have been so inspiring. If you are looking for some automation inspiration, our Rundeck experts are live and waiting if you

Pamela Wonson19:10:12

Rundeck can help you automate processes such as moving a web application from one data center to another, watch this video to find out how Mike turned a manual process that took half a day (if no typos, interruptions, etc happened) into an automated Runbook any body in his department could run

Traci Myers at Rundeck20:10:48

Check out the LIVE Rundeck demo that explores how runbook automation reduces time to incident resolution and frees up your subject matter experts to work on the projects that drive your business forward.


Is StackStorm in the same "space" as rundeck? Would you point to any comparisons? I've trying to make room for getting up a great rundeck solution at my company, and some people here are considering StackStorm for somewhat the same cases.


And hi there! Sorry, too much straight to the point :P

Pamela Wonson21:10:36

Let me check on that for you

Pamela Wonson21:10:30

We can do similar things and many customers use us for remediation

Pamela Wonson21:10:17

and incident management. Out of the box we integrate with PagerDuty, ServiceNow, Jira, DataDog

Pamela Wonson21:10:57

Our jobs can also be scheduled or manually run directly from the interface

Pamela Wonson21:10:35

We have a zoom session open if you want to see the product and ask questions directly

Pamela Wonson21:10:14

@tmyers can you provide the zoom link?

Traci Myers at Rundeck23:10:47

Come see Team Rundeck at our, today at 5:30 pm PST. The minds behind Rundeck will be talking brews and all things DevOps. Join the conversation! Each attendee will be entered into a contest for their very own red Swingline stapler!