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Kellie, NowSecure00:10:30

Thanks for hanging out with us; we appreciate it! Virtual high-five for an amazing Day1. 🙌:skin-tone-2: Join us tmrw for our Speakeasy Happy Hour! Also, there's still time to take the DevSecOps Survey for your chance to win a Yeti filled with snacks & swag.

Kellie, NowSecure16:10:17

Flapper Outfit ☑️ Cocktails ☑️ Secret Knock ☑️ :woman-raising-hand::skin-tone-2: We'll see you at 5:30pm PST

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🍸 1
Steve E20:10:52

I can't seem to figure out where the secret knock is

Steve E20:10:01

I'll be "that guy"

😂 2
Kellie, NowSecure20:10:35

Click on and password is: Mobile See you tonight! 🍸

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