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Kellie, NowSecure12:10:39

Thanks for joining the NowSecure channel. So excited for a great week of content and conversations! Be sure to visit our Virtual Booth - connect with our Mobile AppSec Advocates and don't miss out on: 1. The DevSecOps Survey for your chance to win a Yeti Cooler filled with snacks & swag 2. Preview the On-demand Product Demo 3. Download case studies, e-books, datasheets, and much more from our content library 4. Chat about All Things Mobile AppSec and you could win lunch on us 🌯 πŸ₯€ 5. Ask us about the Secret Knock for Wednesday's Speakeasy Happy Hour Enjoy the Summit and we hope to continue the conversation...

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Carolina Becerra- NowSecure DevSecOps16:10:24

πŸ‘‹ everyone! Excited for the next few days!

Matthew Leith17:10:03

Hello and welcome to the NowSecure Booth! We are here to talk about all things Mobile DevSecOps!

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Carolina Becerra- NowSecure DevSecOps18:10:40

DOES community! If you have any questions about our products, services or just want to chat DevSecOps feel free to drop a message hereΒ πŸ’¬ Our team will be available all day 😎

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Kellie, NowSecure19:10:23

Thanks for joining NowSecure channel! Now that we're virtual friends... here's the to gain access to tmrw's Speakeasy Happy Hour. 🍸

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