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Good morning everyone!

Mike Naze15:10:32

Tim - Good Morning!


Hey Mike! Good morning!

Hugh Brien - Transposit - Sales Engineer17:10:23

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!! We’re excited to be at DevOps Enterprise Summit. Thanks for connecting with us on Slack. We would love to talk so stop by the booth for a live demo or quick chat.

Taylor Barnett17:10:01

👋 We’re excited to be here and connect with you this week! At Transposit, we like to keep humans at the center of DevOps. Join us at our to chat more about incident management (and meet our friend, DevOps cat! 😸). You can also engage with us elsewhere: • We’re giving away beanies! Fill out the form at our to receive yours.  • Join our happy hours today and tomorrow with special guests (hint: a 3 Michelin star restaurant and a fighter pilot), see our booth or #happy-hour for details! 🍸 :airplane_departure: • Watch our CTO and founder, at 2:45pm PDT about speeding to resolution with human-in-the-loop automation. :female-technologist::skin-tone-2: • We’ll be giving demos all day (see #xpo-transposit) or reach out to the team at our booth for a private demo. 💻

Laurel Frazier21:10:27

<!here> Our CTO & Founder @tina will be speaking about human-in-the-loop automation at 2:45 pm PDT! Don't miss it:

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Laurel Frazier22:10:41

Are you a Whisky enthusiast? Pour a glass of your favorite scotch and join our Happy Hour this evening ft. Sarah McKinney, sommelier and spirits expert who has worked at 3 different 3 Michelin star restaurants, including Napa’s The French Laundry! We’ll be raffling off a bottle of to an attendee — don’t miss out!

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