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Good Morning Atlassian

Lauren Tierney20:10:20

Good morning! @sdoyle


Hi Lauren!

Lauren Tierney20:10:04

Hello <!here>! Check out our and attend on day 3! Darren is the head of product marketing, ITSM at Atlassian and his session is titled How to crush major incidents with DevOps agility. His session will be live on Thursday, October 15 at 1:40 PM PST. Be sure to add it to your 🙂

Lauren Tierney20:10:14

We are also giving away a Nintendo Switch to one attendee from this event! Check out the and find out how to be!

Eduardo Rodrigues Semensati (Procter and Gamble)23:10:21

hey Atlassian friends! I do not see Jira Align listed on your both, but I would be interested in having a quick chat about that with you folks.

Eduardo Rodrigues Semensati (Procter and Gamble)12:10:51

no answer? 😞 Maybe if I try tagging some people @ltierney

Ravi Tharisayi16:10:56

Hey @rodriguessemensati.e! Thanks for reaching out. Great to hear you’re interested in Jira Align. I’ll ping you separately to arrange a discussion with someone on our team.

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Eduardo Rodrigues Semensati (Procter and Gamble)16:10:06

please do so, thanks. If you have anyone working in the P&G account even better, because I think some of my colleagues might have dropped you a note already on this topic. I just want to take the opportunity to connect and talk a bit on this topic, either today or tomorrow

Ravi Tharisayi16:10:38

Sure thing. Sounds good!