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Bryan Finster - Walmart (Speaker)00:10:35

Someone says “who wants to talk and drink?” and people show up.

Bryan Finster - Walmart (Speaker)00:10:52

There’s also sponsored happy hours, though since it’s BYOB...

Nick Eggleston, IT Architect (open to offers)09:10:42

When one replies to an older thread, do notifications go to the thread participants without the comment being copied to the channel or at-mentions being explicitly included?

Bryan Finster - Walmart (Speaker)11:10:24

Anyone who responded to the thread will get a notification unless they unsub from the thread. It will only post the response to the whole channel if you check this box.

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Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili13:10:08

Due to timezone reasons. I think I need to have the happy hour to begin the conference day. Any other Europeans with me? 😄

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That's my 3.30am! But I wont miss it 🙂


where are you joining from??

Nick - developer at BNPP14:10:32

I’m from Saint-Petersburg Russia


Athens, Greece 🙂 I believe we're in the same time zone!

Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili14:10:43

Helsinki, Athens, Cairo, Tallinn...

Nick - developer at BNPP14:10:38

Let me pour some tea to get this happy-hour started! :)

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations14:10:25

I am quite likely to join in the early part of the conference


Coffee is key 🙂


If it's a song, coffe and tv!

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I'll check this out1

Andreas Prins VP Product Strategy Digital.ai19:10:20

good to see my foodies @ferrix and @jtf again 🙂

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Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili19:10:11

Priorities. You can't incident command with an empty stomach (or sober)

Nick Eggleston, IT Architect (open to offers)19:10:31

It's always #happy-hour somewhere... it should run continuously... continuous delivery...

Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili19:10:13

The flow of 🍻 has been constant. The Drinking Frequency and the the Can Fridge Rate have been optimal. Mean Time To Refreshment is reaching Ballmer Peak.

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Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili20:10:28

Stay tuned for the State of Happy Hour 2020 Las Vegas Edition.


Hello! Don’t miss out on the chance to put your DevOps skills to the test with an interactive DevOps simulation game ‘The Phoenix Project’ by GamingWorks! Drop by and register for the simulation!

Shawn Hisaw14:10:48

#happy-hour ... It's 5:00 somewhere, right?

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Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili14:10:04

Umm... So, you are about 0.28333 timezones to the east from me?

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations14:10:40

Got my bluetooth headphones charged up and ready to go. Family have been notified that I’m not actually home while the headphones are on. 🎧

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Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili14:10:34

What happens in Virtual Vegas stays in Virtual Vegas?

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Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations15:10:42

My variation is that I’m generally starting with 200 gr of starter, so the water & flour each drop by 100 grams: 200 gr starter, 350 gr water, 450 gr flour (100 gr organic stoneground wholemeal, 350gr strong white).

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Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations16:10:05

salt added. added cinnamon and raisins as well this time around. have done first set of folds. two more to go.

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations19:10:26

Three generations family portrait

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E.T. Mac, Opsani19:10:35

All we need now is to see a slowmo gif of you cutting into the bread!

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Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili20:10:47

Are you using an Apple wireless keyboard for shaping?

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations20:10:19

Basic recipe given earlier in the thread, along with my typical modification (more starter). Today’s batch had the addition of cinnamon and raisins. Yesterday’s batch had about 50 gr of mixed seeds added.

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations20:10:59

Final shaping done. Put in the fridge to proof until tomorrow.

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Bill Trautman15:10:01

happy hour

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Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations15:10:36

That would get me through the “morning”!

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Rob Cuddy - DevSecOps Evangelist15:10:29

The real question here is how many actually get this reference and know what it is from? Probably the same set of folks that would understand if I said "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!"

Neil Kalinowski15:10:57

Darn, I got both of those references 🙃

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Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations15:10:27

😄 what a bewitching bunch we are!

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Bill Trautman17:10:14

@robert.cuddy missed it by that much...

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Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations15:10:46

Weather check! What’s the current weather where you are? Give your emoji answer if possible.

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Andy Nelson15:10:45

@jtf I thought it was always sunny at the mythical 5 o'clock somewhere spot?

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations15:10:19

depends on what you’re drinking 😉

Tom Coudyzer15:10:24

It feels for me like it’s the 2nd time 8:20 am today... Good morning, good afternoon and evening from wherever you connect!

Kellie, NowSecure15:10:56

Never too early to start thinking about cocktails, right??? Ask us about the Secret Knock for Wednesday's Speakeasy Happy Hour...

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Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations15:10:27

My daughter just got home from school and asked me if I’d like her to make me some hot chocolate. Another advantage of a virtual conference. 😄

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But i miss someone making a hot chocolate in a sponsor booth :)


@ferrix Drinking Tea here too. 😄 Lapsang Souchang is my go-to.

Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili16:10:09

This is apparently lemon and ginger.

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Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili16:10:21

Wheat, rye, spelt, sunflower seed, pumpkin seeed

Rob Cuddy - DevSecOps Evangelist20:10:19

Quit loafing! :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

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Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili20:10:25

Loafing is the prize for grinding and battering. We've earned it!

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Cecilia Judmann - Redgate (she/her)16:10:10

Still looking for inspiration on what to have for dinner while on our tonight? We've put together a with amazing recipes to choose from! 🙂

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Cecilia Judmann - Redgate (she/her)17:10:00

Anything cake related is right up my ally. 😉

Jeff Meade -Redgate17:10:20

The berry cheesecake blondies are AMAZING! 🤤

Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili17:10:31

You eat during happy hour? Wow

Cecilia Judmann - Redgate (she/her)17:10:01

it's all about having that base, when it comes to happy hours 🥂

Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili17:10:20

Since this is virtual, I am going with local brands with American style.

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Kevin O'Beirne - Redgate17:10:57

That logo is awesome! Where is that from?

Kevin O'Beirne - Redgate17:10:08

dang that sounds good! I will have to see if can find that here in the states.

Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili17:10:54

I doubt. They are rooting on freshness and it is hard to find in the next city.

Kevin O'Beirne - Redgate17:10:51

Looks like I will just have to visit Finland then! :flag-fi:

Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili17:10:17

If you do, I can arrange a brewery tour 😉

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Kevin O'Beirne - Redgate17:10:24

My man! I would appreciate that very much.

Elise Walton17:10:51

Tonight - grab a pint and let's talk pipelines! Join the #xpo-hcl-software-devops "Pints and Pipelines" happy hour with @bryant.schuck and @nicholas.mathison to learn how to get started with the free Community Edition of our value stream management tool, HCL Accelerate.

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Elise Walton17:10:12

@bryant.schuck and @nicholas.mathison - any beer recommendations? I'll be enjoying some Platform Paranormal Hoptivity. Gotta represent the CLE!

Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies17:10:20

Its not to early to drink right?

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Kevin O'Beirne - Redgate17:10:00

Not with a worldwide group of people to drink with! It's 5 o'clock somewhere right.

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Nick - developer at BNPP17:10:14

It’s never too early.

Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies17:10:54

Sailor from Sonatype, i knew you wouldnt discourage me. I love you guys especially from the Tysons VA location.

Nick - developer at BNPP17:10:03

The sign on the nearby bar says: “drinking rum before noon makes you a pirate, not an alcoholic!”

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Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies17:10:41

Nick, Curtis and Kevin. A virtual 👻 Cheers to ya!

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Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili17:10:47

It is almost 9 PM here, so you have my permission to go 🍻

Matt Cobby (NAB)00:10:24

It's almost 12 noon here... I'm on my second coffee

Laurel Frazier17:10:25 has got some great happy hours planned for this week — we hope you’ll join us! • Today, 10/13, at 5:30 pm PDT learn the ins and outs of what makes a good Scotch 🥃 with Sarah McKinney, sommelier and spirits expert from 3 Michelin star Napa restaurant The French Laundry. Join us for a chance to win a top shelf prize in our raffle. • Tomorrow, 10/14 at 5:30 pm PDT we’ll be joined by Fighter Pilot Anthony 'AB' Bourke 🛩️. He’ll share nail-biting stories from 9/11 and speak about the power of post-mortems, followed by an "ask me anything" style Q&A. You’ll also get a chance to win a reserve pinot noir from AB’s winery in Russian River Valley. 🍷

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Michelle Fitzgerald_Plutora17:10:22

Did you hear that #xpo-plutora-vsm is giving away a year of free wine in 2021?? Join us and BottlesNation for a virtual wine tasting and giveaway at!! Grab your favorite glass of wine and hop on the zoom call to hear Master Sommelier Michael Bottigliero discuss his approach to wine tasting and answer your questions!

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Dana Finster - Walmart InfoSec18:10:30

Sounds great!! putting that on my calendar for sure!

Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)18:10:14

Is it happy hour yet?! ♦️♣️♥️♠️

Kellie, NowSecure18:10:15

Mark your calendar for Wednesday's Speakeasy Happy Hour 🍸

upvotepartyparrot 4
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Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili18:10:12

New certifications coined at DOES 2020 so far 😉 : 1. Certified Learning Together 2. Certified Intelligent Failure

Leah Brown - IT Revolution18:10:43

Tonight, you won't want to miss the IT Revolution Happy Hour with the incomparable @schmark!! In addition to Mark's unique wit, you'll also walk away with a free copy of his new book, The (Delicate) Art of Bureaucracy!! And a free Busting Bureaucracy poster. Join us here at 5:30 pm (PT0:

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Lynda Weeg18:10:14

🍸🍹Join ServiceNow tonight at 5:30 PM PST for an exclusive virtual cocktail and mocktail event! Led by an expert mixologist and designed to inspire and educate even the most casual beverage enthusiast, attendees will learn to make two ServiceNow signature craft beverages. Happy Hour attendees will receive a customized gift shipped to their home following the event (while supplies last). Cheers! 🍸🍹


Question to all the channel... which beer fits better with the DevOps virtual simulation? Register now to make sure you have your spot!

Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig18:10:52

🃏 We all know Cards Against Humanity but have you ever played Cards Against Containers⁉️ Sysdig’s got you covered TONIGHT at 5:30pm PDT during happy hour - join our team for a game with your peers and see who is the funniest DevOps expert here! 📫 Anyone who joins and plays will get a HARD COPY of the game via mail to play with family and friends 🎉 Join our channel #xpo-sysdig for more details -!

Kellie, NowSecure18:10:56

Sneak-peek for Wednesday's Speakeasy...:dancer::skin-tone-2: Learn the Secret Knock at #xpo-nowsecure-mobile-devsecops

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Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies19:10:08

<!here> THE THREAD FOR AMONG US.. Comment here!

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Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies19:10:08

<!here> THE THREAD FOR AMONG US.. Comment here!

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Curtis Yanko - Sonatype19:10:57

What would be good character names?

E.T. Mac, Opsani19:10:31

Can't give that away. you might be the impostor 😄

Curtis Yanko - Sonatype20:10:04

I’m in a meeting but after that I can

Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies20:10:57

No worries, just holler at me. I am living this Summit all day long.

Curtis Yanko - Sonatype21:10:47

that may or may not be me ;-)

Rob Cuddy - DevSecOps Evangelist21:10:50

If you give it away is that a DevSecOops?

Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies00:10:33

Will keep it open for as long as possible.

Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies20:10:45

welp closed room by accident: new room : LBCUXQ

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Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies20:10:15

short and sweet game play. I hope you all are having a great day!

Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies19:10:44

If you have a moment to spare, or simply want to break the day for a short and sweet murder mystery. Among Us happening now, Code: RCXFTQ. I will keep open as long as possible and update code here. Thanks! 👻

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E.T. Mac, Opsani19:10:44

ooh i'm free in 1 min

E.T. Mac, Opsani19:10:49

are you still playing?

Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies20:10:03

They thought i was sus, so then i was alone to die to prove it lol

Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies20:10:36

ill ping when open .. and turn private.

Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies23:10:07

If you have a moment to spare for a short and sweet murder mystery. Among Us happening now, Code: DFYEWQ. I will keep open as long as possible and update code here. Thanks! 👻

Tanya Repper19:10:22

Our customers have described the power of Delphix as “data voodoo.”  Join us at our ABRACADATA Happy Hour 🥂tonight at 5:30pm PDT. We will have a special guest performance to top off the event! 🎩🔮

Darya Winters20:10:51 at Happy Hour today at 5:30 pm PT for a friendly chat and a chance to win $100 towards your wine collection! All you need to do is to bring your favorite wine recommendation. A cool party trick by @mike.king at the end of session.

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Nick - developer at BNPP20:10:07

"Value stream" starts looking very attractive as a drinking game trigger.

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Cecilia Judmann - Redgate (she/her)20:10:45

🍻 Join us for not 1 but 2! We will host one today and tomorrow! Today's host Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Advocate @grant.fritchey will be talking about Catching Performance Problems Early, at 5:30pm PDT. Join us on;from=msft!

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Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations20:10:17

I know we have at least three people baking sourdough bread during the conference…. how many more? 🍞

🍞 3
James Wasson20:10:49

Just sandwich bread and baguettes here.

Andy Nelson22:10:48

@jtf My better half is the baker extraordinaire (along w/ her 2 yr old baking sidekick). Got the starter on the counter right now just waiting to be unleashed

👍 2
Andreas Prins VP Product Strategy Digital.ai12:10:21

actually not during this conference, it’s to late during the day

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations13:10:36

Still two days to fit in that 🍕 🙂

Andreas Prins VP Product Strategy Digital.ai13:10:45

but uplifted my skills a lot in last few months between the two conferences

❤️ 3
Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations13:10:40

Man… now I’m hungry all over again…

Andreas Prins VP Product Strategy Digital.ai13:10:41

haha, I think I’ll heat the oven coming Friday, no rain expected so safe to be outside for a while.

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Chris Gallivan, FCA, Builder of JOY01:10:06

That’s on 100 dollar oven I made until I can afford a real one

Andreas Prins VP Product Strategy Digital.ai05:10:50

this is really awesome @chris.gallivan it’s for sure not about the price of the oven the but effort the chef wants to put into it to practice his skills. I learned it myself on an oven of just 100 dollars as well. But then moving to a more professional one is breathtaking. @jtf using the rest heat to bake some bread for the day after is what the kids love as well

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations11:10:33

Morning toast from yesterday’s bake.

Peter Maddison20:10:52

I know there is sourdough bread being prepared downstairs. I can hear the mixer... 😉

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Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili20:10:48

DevOps is the best thing with fresh bread.

Steven Bodley20:10:16

Need to give that one a try!

Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili20:10:49

You'll have to come to Finland for that. The brewery is keen on freshness.

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations20:10:30

Where in Santa Cruz @steven? I used to live on the upper west side before moving to London in 2011.

Steven Bodley20:10:48

Awesome, love the west side @jtf I am in from the harbor, guess what would be called midtown!

👍 1
Steven Bodley20:10:15

@brandon.brown2 are you still in Santa Cruz? have many slug friends 😂

Brandon Brown - Nike - Sr. SW Engineer II20:10:53

not anymore, moved to Portland Oregon in 2006. here ever since.

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations20:10:24

I did a lot of mountain biking through USCS. Not a lot of mountain biking in London. 😿 Probably the thing I miss most from California other than friends & family.

E.T. Mac, Opsani20:10:36

Do you also miss the tacos?

Myles [Sooner Safer Happier]20:10:51

MTB London: Epping Forest has some nice trails 😀

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations20:10:12

Burritos more than the tacos, but for sure, the mexican food scene in London is…. not up to scratch.

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations20:10:07

I’ve heard that @mylesogilvie, I’ll just admit to being spoiled. In Santa Cruz I never had to travel to ride, I just rode out my driveway and then up the mountain and into single-track through redwood forest. If I was feeling good I’d go through twin gates and cross over into Wilder ranch get a view of the ocean, ride down to Hwy 1, then back home. sigh

Myles [Sooner Safer Happier]20:10:22

Oh man. That sounds amazing.

E.T. Mac, Opsani20:10:46

Birria tacos are the new trendy food. a must try if you're up for making some at home.

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations21:10:31

Sounds yummy! When I’m back in SC I often go for the lingua

Katrina Sison20:10:54

Reserve your spot for Opsani’s Happy Hour! We’ll be playing a scavenger hunt and doing a raffle 🙂

🎉 1
Navya Ashok - Moogsoft20:10:12

Join Moogsoft at 5:30 pm PT for a happy hour with Adam Frank, VP of Product & Design at Moogsoft. Happy Hour attendees with receive a $15 Amazon Gift Card. Cheers!

Michelle Fitzgerald_Plutora20:10:05

Have plans tonight? Come get expert wine advice from a Master Somm at the Plutora Wine Happy Hour! Attendees will be eligible to be enter the drawing for a year's worth of free wine in 2021!!

Ferrix Hovi - Head of DevOps - Siili20:10:29

This Happy Hour thing is giving me the worst FOMO.

😂 3
🍞 2
👍 1
Blake (Community at DZone; Gene Kim Fan Club Member 2,000,005)20:10:37

Very curious on Moogsoft. So that sounds perfect. I'll even skip the debut of Bachelorette & Clare Crawley for it

😂 1
Steven Bodley20:10:15

That's a very tough skip 😂

Jeff Meade -Redgate21:10:40

Join us this evening for our first DOES Las Vegas happy hour with our host Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Advocate @grant.fritchey! He’ll be talking about Catching Performance Problems Early, at 5:30pm PDT. Don’t’ miss it and join us on;from=msft! 🥃 🍻

Elise Walton21:10:07

Is it happy hour time yet? End Day 1 of DOES with a free value stream management tool download and tutorial. Check out with HCL Software DevOps at 5:30 PDT

Al Wagner - HCL DevOps Enthusiast22:10:07

Why yes it is! Looking forward to it and hoping others will join in.


Who's up for a challenge? Use the DevOps principles and apply them through this business simulation across four rounds while dealing with new demands... sounds familiar? Come join us for the - brought to you by PeopleCert DevOps!

Ricky Salguero22:10:12

Great company, drinks, and learning how to have productive conversations that overcome cognitive bias and fear? Sounds like tonight's AMA for Agile Conversations at 5:30pm PT! in about 2 hours :star-struck: 📖

💖 2
🎉 3
🌟 2
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👍 1
Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations22:10:48

Were you able to get rum for the 🥥 ?

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations00:10:07

I only regret that my local shop was out of bourbon.

Ricky Salguero00:10:52

No rum, but only tequila on hand

Ricky Salguero00:10:12

I'll find something that uses the coconut!

👍 1
Bryan Finster - Walmart (Speaker)00:10:52

@jtf where are we hanging out?

Ricky Salguero00:10:46

I'll be joining in about 10mins!

Bryan Finster - Walmart (Speaker)00:10:49

How do you "run out of bourbon"?

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations00:10:01

How do you “run out of bourbon”? < poor planning!

Lia Hanson, Split22:10:14

<!here> We know there's some amazing Happy Hours going on tonight. I'd like to attend a few of them myself! However, if you're doing a Sponsor Happy Hour Crawl, please stop by We've pulled them out from their caves and will be putting them in the hot spot (maybe lukewarm). Our door prizes will be charity gift cards, for the charity of your choice. So stop on by, bring questions and a smile (not lukewarm for that).

🎉 1
Leah Brown - IT Revolution22:10:25

Big congrats to @schmark, whose brand new title The (Delicate) Art of Bureaucracy just hit #1 New Release on Amazon. You can get your copy tonight at 5:30 (PT) at our special Happy Hour and AMA with Mark! Don't miss it:

💯 1
Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)22:10:48

What happens in Vegas, gets shared at Happy Hour… that’s how the saying goes, right? 🎲:dancer::skin-tone-2:🍸T-minus 2 hours to go until our blackjack happy hour with Tasktop President & COO, @neelan.choksi! Set a reminder:

Tanya Repper22:10:09

Don’t miss Delphix’s at 5:30pm pst today! Our special guest, Gary Ferrar has performed on NBC, Fox News, and USA, and for guests like Tom Brokaw, Howard Stern, and Robert De Niro! A few lucky winners will win a Bose Speaker. Visit our booth for more details!

Michelle Fitzgerald_Plutora22:10:02

Attend the #xpo-plutora-vsm happy hour and enter to win free wine for a year! Join our host @nathan.david and Master Sommelier, Michael Bottigliero at 5:30 pm PT:

🍷 1
Ricky Salguero22:10:54

General shoutout to all of these upcoming happy hours! 🥂 Loving the creativity

👏 3
‼️ 2
upvotepartyparrot 1
Eliza Chisholm22:10:17

Join us at 5:30PCT for the this evening with@w.hayden for a chance to win a BOSE Bluetooth speaker.

Lynda Weeg22:10:43

🍸🍹Join ServiceNow tonight at 5:30 PM PST for an exclusive virtual cocktail and mocktail event! Led by an expert mixologist and designed to inspire and educate even the most casual beverage enthusiast, attendees will learn to make two ServiceNow signature craft beverages. Happy Hour attendees will receive a customized gift shipped to their home following the event (while supplies last). Cheers!🍸🍹

🆒 1
Jessica Hofmann23:10:06

Don’t miss our Happy Hour at 5:30pm PT on! <|Justina Nguyen> will being demo’ing Flappy Bird live while you play along, so grab your favorite beverage 🍻 Attendees will get exclusive Optimizely swag  🚩 Don’t forget to sign up for and be entered to win a $250 Amazon gift card!

🆒 1
Dessie, Sonatype23:10:39

Join Sonatype during the is just over an hour! We're swapping war stories and whoever has the biggest blunder wins a Sonatype prize pack. Come share your DevSecOps failure with us tonight during the and see if your loss can also be your gain!

🆒 1
Kellie, NowSecure23:10:39

Pssst… Calling all Flappers and Fellas for a Prohibition Party!   Tap into 21st Century tech to celebrate the Roaring 20's with us. Be sure to stay for Last Call or you’ll miss out on the big prize! Head over to the NowSecure booth to learn the Secret Knock for Wednesday's Speakeasy.

Jeff Meade -Redgate23:10:33

Finish your day with a Redgate 🍻HAPPY HOUR🍻 hosted by Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Advocate @grant.fritchey! He’ll be talking about Catching Performance Problems Early, at 5:30pm PDT. Don’t’ miss it and join us on Zoom!

Navya Ashok - Moogsoft23:10:37

Bring your favorite beverage to sip on! 🍺 🍷 🍸 Moogsoft at 5:30pm PT today!

Scott Erlanger - Digital.ai23:10:02

Come join for our Vegas pool party DevOps and Hops Happy Hour at 5:30pm. Bring a drink and let's talk about DevOps. Cheers!🍻

😆 1
Ella - Sysdig23:10:15

🃏 30 minutes until happy hour… which means the LIVE Cards Against Containers game is right around the corner! Join the Sysdig team, along with fellow DOESers, and play LIVE to see who is the funniest DevOps expert here! 📫 Anyone who joins and plays will get a HARD COPY of the game via mail to play with family and friends 🎉 Join our channel #xpo-sysdig for more details -