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David Christensen16:10:58

πŸ‘‹ I’m here!

Whitney Stevenson16:10:46

Have a great 1st day!!!!

Dave Reuter17:10:41

πŸ‘‹ I’m here! What’d I miss?

Whitney Stevenson17:10:30

Welcome to Day 1!

Scott Erlanger - Digital.ai17:10:05

Hello everyone, make sure to check out our demo, which starts at 11:05!

πŸ‘ 1
Robyn Talbert, American Airlines21:10:01

Hi All! I am configuring XL Release for setup and use in our environment.

πŸ‘ 2
Neal DeBuhr21:10:55

Hi Robyn! That's great to hear. Sounds like you may have worked with @rbroker587 or Chris Collosimo then. Everything going well? Enjoying the conference? So much going on with the virtual medium, it's both exciting and a bit overwhelming πŸ™‚

Scott Erlanger - Digital.ai21:10:11

Hi Robyn, great to see you.