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Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)17:10:53

In the latest episode of, Dr. Mik Kersten sat down with Bryon Kroger, Founder and CEO of Rise8, and former co-founder and COO of the USAF’s Kessel Run. In this episode they delved Bryon’s transformation journey whilst working at the United States Air Force. A must listen for everyone!

Mathias Eifert (Excella)21:10:11

<!here> Hello everyone, excited to get started in just about 15 minutes!

Mathias Eifert (Excella)21:10:23

Here is the link to the Zoom meeting:

Mathias Eifert (Excella)21:10:46 Meeting ID: 938 8662 7885 Passcode: 012606 One tap mobile <tel:+16468769923,,93886627885#|+16468769923,,93886627885#> US (New York) <tel:+13017158592,,93886627885#|+13017158592,,93886627885#> US (Germantown)

Mathias Eifert (Excella)22:10:21

Thanks everyone for the great discussion! I think we all had some very useful takeaways!

Mathias Eifert (Excella)22:10:32

Feel free to continue the chat here in the channel.