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Michelle Fitzgerald_Plutora16:10:38

@jeff.keyes here's the plutora slack channel!

Michelle Fitzgerald_Plutora18:10:27

<!here> Join the with #xpo-plutora-vsm & #xpo-hcl-software-devops to hear about how Value Stream Management is helping enterprises accelerate DevOps & Agile.  This is a live discussion moderated by Helen Beal, Strategic Advisor for the DevOps Institute, so make sure to pop into the #ask-the-speaker-track-4 channel to get your questions answered live by @helen.beal @jeff.keyes @steven.boone (on track 4)

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Richard Winslow19:10:49

has the 1235 session started?

Richard Winslow19:10:54

ah thanks! got it.

Michelle Fitzgerald_Plutora19:10:25

they are running a few minutes behind on the agenda today...

Michelle Fitzgerald_Plutora20:10:23

in cased you missed it, we'll be posting a link shortly to the recording of today's vendor dome "The Time is Now - Accelerate DevOps & Agile with VSM" What's next? to: • get a copy of the Forrester report '’ • enter our giveaway for an Oculus Quest VR Gaming Headset • chat with our VSM experts • see a demo every 30 minutes on the hour and half hour