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Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)15:10:21

Hi everyone, we’re excited to meet you all! Make sure to check out our virtual booth for some resources, videos, giveaways and more. Our friendly team will be here all day to answer any questions, so get in touch!

Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)15:10:31

Happening today: - Join our live demo at 3:45pm (PT) hosted by Mara Puisite, Principal Value Stream Architect at Tasktop - Join Tasktop President & COO and former member of the infamous MIT Blackjack Team, Neelan Choksi, for a very special Blackjack Happy Hour at 5:30pm (PT)

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Hi Tasktoppers


Hi Emily!

Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)19:10:00

Stop by the Tasktop booth and enter to win a Nintendo Switch! May the odds be ever in your favor 🤞


Can I enter twice?

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Wendy Flowers21:10:52

Hi Everyone! First time today I have been able to check out the conference. The virtual is nice but I am missing Las Vegas!!

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Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)22:10:17

A reminder that Tasktop is hosting a LIVE DEMO at our booth in just 10 minutes!

Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)22:10:39

Happening now: LIVE DEMO!! Visit the Tasktop booth to join now 🖥️

Mara Puisite (Tasktop)23:10:40

Thanks for coming along to the demo! Myself and the team are here to answer any questions or follow up discussions around Tasktop’s solutions! 15 min is not enough time to discuss!!!