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Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig15:10:01

Check out our content library here: • - Learn more about securing and monitoring your containers with the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform. • - Check out Sysdig’s partnership, integrations and joint customers with AWS EKS/ECS, Fargate & CloudTrail. • - Read how Red Hat & Sysdig help enterprises accelerate the move to cloud-native apps on OpenShift. • - Hear more about the benefits of Sysdig directly from customers.

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Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig15:10:46

👋🎉 The Sysdig team is excited to chat with everyone this week! Make sure to stop by the Sysdig booth to learn why embedding functions like image scanning, runtime security, compliance and monitoring into your DevOps workflow is critical to closing the security and visibility gap. See you there:

Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig16:10:50

If group demos aren’t your thing, meet with us 1:1 to ask all your security, compliance, & monitoring questions, just book a time with us

Eric C - Sysdig16:10:35

I’ll join the fun at 3pm (PT of course) - and am also looking forward to the happy hour Cards Against Containers gaming at 5:30pm

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Pawan Shankar16:10:15

you can always sign up for a 30 day free trial here :

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Eric C - Sysdig17:10:08

👀 looks easy

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Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig18:10:36

Want to see the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform in action? Join our first live demo of the day starting NOW - join Attendees walk away with a Sysdig swag mystery box!

Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig18:10:54

🃏 We all know Cards Against Humanity but have you ever played Cards Against Containers⁉️ Sysdig’s got you covered TONIGHT at 5:30pm PDT during happy hour - join our team for a game with your peers and see who is the funniest DevOps expert here! 📫 Anyone who joins and plays will get a HARD COPY of the game via mail to play with family and friends 🎉 Join our channel #xpo-sysdig for more details -!

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Ty Posadas18:10:45

Cards Against GENIUS!

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Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig18:10:40

Thanks @ty! It’s a fun game to play, if you have the time make sure to stop by our happy hour later to play!

Ty Posadas18:10:27

@lauren.hernandez I won't be able to make tonight, but will you be doing this again tomorrow or is there another way to qualify for a copy of the game?

Ella - Sysdig19:10:50

@ty we’ll be doing this again tomorrow!

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Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig19:10:43

Check out these 5 key workflows that will enable you to cover the most critical security and availability requirements without slowing down your releases:

Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig20:10:52

‼️HAPPENING NOW Are you looking to adopt, or already adopted, a DevOps approach using K8s & containers to accelerate innovation? Join’s LIVE demo NOW to see why monitoring is critical to managing application performance, service uptime & troubleshooting →

Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig20:10:15

@dale.rodriguez is digging DEEP into the Sysdig platform + your containers - there’s still time to join us

Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig21:10:12

🕑 Just 15 min left to reserve your spot in our “5 Reasons to Embed Security into DevOps” hallway track - will dig into key considerations and outcomes of DevSecOps through the lens of end users during the session.

Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig22:10:08

👀 See Sysdig in action NOW @ 3pm - showing a live demo on how to scan for vulnerabilities and see inside containers to alert on anomalous behavior and application health issues. Join here:

Adam Barrow22:10:46

Thank you @eric.carter for your presentation. It was a very informative overview!

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Eric C - Sysdig22:10:10

🙂 - Thanks @adam.barrow@lauren.hernandez @ella.morales let’s make sure Adam gets his Mystery Box!

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Daniel Volinski22:10:09

Very informative, monitoring data cues definitely seems like it can add a lot of versatility. I will have to explore this more in our current environment, thanks @eric.carter!

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Eric C - Sysdig22:10:44

Thank you @dvolinski

Anand Seshan22:10:23

Thanks @eric.carter. It was helpful. What is your recommendation on scanning sidecar proxies in Kubernetes?

Eric C - Sysdig22:10:11

I think still worth scanning these sidecar container images - perhaps less volatile than other types of images we deploy. Let me see if one of my colleagues has any specific recommendations for you @anand.seshan

Eric C - Sysdig22:10:40

Let’s see if @alex.lawrence can address

Alex Lawrence22:10:45

Heya. I would use the Node-Image-Analyzer

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Alex Lawrence22:10:00

That is a daemonset we deploy that will scan anything running on the node.

Ella - Sysdig23:10:55

Thanks to all who attended our first hallway track session today! We’re looking forward to our next session tomorrow at 3pm PDT “Ask me anything: Monitoring Must-Haves”. There’s still time to reserve your spot -!

Ella - Sysdig23:10:13

We’re pumped to have @bradgeesaman, Co-founder & Chief Security Architect, Darkbit & Sysdig’s @pawan.shankar speaking on “Kubernetes Attacks: What is your cluster trying to tell you?” in track 4 tomorrow @ 12:05pm PDT. to your calendar & join them in #ask-the-speaker-track-4 for live Q&A - don’t miss it!