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Elise Walton13:10:43

Welcome to DOES! This is a great place to get to know HCL Software DevOps - request a demo, chat with our DevOps experts, ask questions about our software - we're here for you!

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Elise Walton13:10:05

A little info about HCL Software DevOps - we are a comprehensive suite of DevOps solutions including software for value stream management (HCL Accelerate), continuous delivery (HCL Launch), automated testing (HCL OneTest), source control management (HCL VersionVault), real-time tooling (HCL RTist), and change management (HCL Compass). Visit our booth to learn more!

Elise Walton15:10:25

During this morning's break in speaking sessions, join the live demo of HCL Launch, our continuous delivery software. Think of it like tech office hours - HCL Software DevOps expert @brian.stump will be available to answer your questions about HCL Launch and walk you through the tool.

David Maillet - ATD19:10:50

I missed the demo? Are you planning to have any other demo during the conference?

Elise Walton20:10:57

Yes! We have a demo of HCL Accelerate, our value stream management tool, tomorrow morning and a demo of our automated testing tool, HCL OneTest, on Wednesday. You can find the demo info If those times don't work for you or if you'd like a demo of any of our other products, let me know what day/time works for you and I can set up some time for you with one of our team members.

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Elise Walton17:10:50

Tonight - grab a pint and let's talk pipelines! Join the #xpo-hcl-software-devops "Pints and Pipelines" happy hour with @bryant.schuck and @nicholas.mathison to learn how to get started with the free Community Edition of our value stream management tool, HCL Accelerate.

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Elise Walton17:10:23

In just 10 minutes, see our continuous delivery solution, HCL Launch, in action with a live demo! Info

Elise Walton18:10:34

We're just an hour away from our Vendordome session with #xpo-plutora-vsm! Add it to your schedule!

Elise Walton19:10:08

The first Vendordome session is about to start! Ask your questions in the #ask-the-speaker-track-4 channel and get session info here:

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