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Traci Myers at Rundeck12:10:51

Excited to kick off Day 1 of DevOps Enterprise Summit! Got Rundeck questions? Drop them here and we'll get them answered.

Traci Myers at Rundeck14:10:07

I am really loving this virtual interface!

Traci Myers at Rundeck15:10:43

Have questions about the Rundeck merger with PagerDuty? Check out the press release for all the details, or ask us here! Rundeck + PagerDuty = Shorter Incidents, Fewer Escalations

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Craig Hobbs15:10:35

hello @tmyers - glad to be here

Pamela Wonson22:10:47

If you’d like to see Rundeck in action just respond to this thread πŸ™‚

Pamela Wonson22:10:57

With Runbook automation, tasks such as a rolling restart, can be kicked off by anybody (you give permission to) and you know they won’t miss a step or make a typo that might send your production environment into chaos

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Pamela Wonson22:10:33

You can take Rundeck book automation a step further and make your environment self healing β€” here are some examples using or

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