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msjennylee - DELPHIX14:10:12

Good morning!!!!! SO. EXCITED. OMG!!!!

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Tanya Repper15:10:10

I am excited too!

Tanya Repper15:10:29

We’re stoked to be here! 🎉 🙌  Make sure to stop by the and meet with our data experts about powering your devops workflows with fast, compliant data.

Tanya Repper15:10:44

Good morning, DOES attendees! We’re excited to kick off Day 1!

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Tanya Repper15:10:39

Really Enjoying the Opening Remarks and all the details on how to use this platform! We are super excited to be apart of this conference and getting to know all of you!

Tanya Repper16:10:51

traffic bottleneck

Tanya Repper16:10:54

Learn how to get ahead of the bottlenecks, and we aren’t just talking traffic:vertical_traffic_light:. Here’s what to expect from

Tanya Repper17:10:58

🙋 Who wants a chance to win an Oculus Quest 2? We’re giving away lots of great prizes.

Tanya Repper17:10:10

First Delphix demo is starting in 15 minutes!!  Join  Be one of the first 15 attendees and you’ll score a Delphix swag bag. One lucky person will also win a Bose Speaker. DevOps Data Automation.png


Hello Team, I have registered for the Demo, but it asks for a username which i dont have (for zoom)


Same 😞

Tanya Repper19:10:09

Thanks @corey.brune for the Delphix demo on DevOps Data Automation. Congrats to @yelena.gouralnik for winning the Bose Speaker! 🔊 First 10 Swag Bag winners are:@eduardoatubisoft@phaniatluri@lee.a.barnett @dvolinski@christian.simader, @rothdm , Justin Wallis, @yelena.gouralnik @arun.narayanaswamy and @rasika.vaidya You’ll receive email instructions on how to redeem your swag bags soon.

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Tanya Repper19:10:39

Our customers have described the power of Delphix as “data voodoo.”  Join us at our ABRACADATA Happy Hour 🥂tonight at 5:30pm PDT. We will have a special guest performance to top off the event! 🎩🔮

Tanya Repper20:10:31

👞👟👠 Oh! The places you’ll go... If only you could get out of the waiting place. Stop by the to end the wait for test data.

msjennylee - DELPHIX20:10:40

Calling all DevOps Data Jedi! Kurt, Maxine, Brent, Cranky Dave, Adam, and Shannon from are recruiting for the Rebellion. They need some DevOps Data Jedi to join them.

Tanya Repper21:10:17

Have you entered the yet? There are so many ways to enter and tons of great prizes and swag. Oculus Quest 2, Masterclass subscriptions, Bose speakers, unicorn onesies?!?

Tanya Repper21:10:35

Version data like code. Delphix will show you how to refresh, bookmark, rewind, share, and restore virtual data in a live demo at 3:45pmPT today. First 15 attendees score a swag bag! Add the to your calendar!

Tanya Repper22:10:10

📢 Delphix Demo starting in 15 minutes!!  Join  Be one of the first 15 attendees and you’ll score a Delphix swag bag. One lucky person will also win a Bose Speaker.

Eduardo Rodrigues Semensati (Procter and Gamble)22:10:18

wanted to join, but it keeps asking me for username:

msjennylee - DELPHIX23:10:22

Hi Eduardo, I'm sorry, I'm not sure why it's doing that

msjennylee - DELPHIX23:10:28

Were you able to register for it okay? did you receive a link?

msjennylee - DELPHIX23:10:26

Can you try again using the link (but from an anonymous web browser window) so that at least we avoid any conflicts with caching or cookies you might have on your laptops

Eduardo Rodrigues Semensati (Procter and Gamble)23:10:28

yeah, I registered. Got like 3 emails, none worked. Now it is a bit late to try again, but if I join one of the upcoming sessions I will try from incognito window to see if it works

msjennylee - DELPHIX23:10:34

okay, I'm really sorry. I'll send you instructions on how to redeem your swag bag and the contest password is ABRACADATA. If you're participating in the virtual contest for Oculus Quest 2:

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Daniel Volinski23:10:03

@alan.bitterman Awesome demo, very cool how you guys are setting that up!

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Alan Bitterman23:10:45

Thanks @dvolinski Appreciate the feedback. Have a great time at the conference and let us know if you have any questions.

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Tanya Repper23:10:37

Don’t miss Delphix’s at 5:30pm pst today! Our special guest, Gary Ferrar has performed on NBC, Fox News, and USA, and for guests like Tom Brokaw, Howard Stern, and Robert De Niro! A few lucky winners will win a Bose Speaker. Visit our booth for more details!

msjennylee - DELPHIX23:10:30 for the demo on Data Versioning! Congrats to @bkruenegel! You're the winner of the BOSE Micro Soundlink Speaker. We'll contact you post conference and get your prize sent to you. And thank you to our swag bag winners, you'll receive instructions on how to redeem your goodies soon: @troym @ty @sumukhi.venkatachalam @anand.seshan @bkruenegel