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Victoria Wells, MuseDev20:10:43

Muse Bug Bash Muse is hosting a Bug Bash Competition to support two open source projects from the DOES Community: CapitalOne’s Hygieia and Walmart’s Concord. Enter the contest and fix real bugs on these projects! The Bash is live throughout the conference. There are two ways to win -- 1. Smash any bug to be entered into a prize drawing 🎉 2. Smash the most bugs and win the ultimate prize 💥 Playing is easy -- Sign-Up, install Muse, Smash Bugs. To get started, head to our and check back in on this channel for more info. And if you’re interested in following along, keep an eye on for updates, leaderboards, and bug lists. Happy Hunting!


How do you grant points? @victoria

Victoria Wells, MuseDev18:10:32

For each bug fixed, you earn a point!

Victoria Wells, MuseDev18:10:05

And for each point, you get an additional ticket for the prize drawing.


Cool! Thanks 🙂 I thought we just needed to top it

Victoria Wells, MuseDev19:10:53

Yeah! Most points wins a prize, and for the drawing, you get a point for each bug.

Andrew Yorra22:10:56

Join the Muse demo in a few minutes (3:45pm PT) to see how developer and security teams can collaborate to catch critical security bugs early, and without disrupting developers’ flow.