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Richard Hawes - ServiceNow DevOps14:10:46

Hi everyone - looking forward to an exciting few days!

Laurent Rochette - ServiceNow DevOps15:10:04

I'm having trouble to log in on to see the sessions. AM i the only one?

Molly Coyne (Sponsorship Director / ITREV)15:10:39

Hi Laurent! I am cc'ing @ashleyb here to help you with registration.

Laurent Rochette - ServiceNow DevOps15:10:51

alex is working with me to fix the issue

Anand Ahire15:10:49

What's up fellow DevOps horses!

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srujit biradawada16:10:43

Ah good to see one for ServiceNow. Hi, from Chicago

Richard Hawes - ServiceNow DevOps16:10:24

Hi Srujit! Greetings from Austin, TX

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Krishna R Kamani16:10:53

Hello everyone 👋

srujit biradawada16:10:38

Hi @richard.hawes 👋

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Jeff Moloughney16:10:40

Everyone having a good day!

Lynda Weeg18:10:29

See how ServiceNow DevOps can help accelerate your change management process to perform normal changes at the speed of DevOps. Visit our booth to view our Accelerating Change Management for DevOps demo!

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Lynda Weeg18:10:37

🍸🍹Join ServiceNow tonight at 5:30 PM PST for an exclusive virtual cocktail and mocktail event! Led by an expert mixologist and designed to inspire and educate even the most casual beverage enthusiast, attendees will learn to make two ServiceNow signature craft beverages. Happy Hour attendees will receive a customized gift shipped to their home following the event (while supplies last). Cheers! 🍸🍹

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