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Sam Yeats - TeamForm16:10:43

Loving this talk @maya.leibman @ross.clanton410! “This is way bigger than devops!”

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Deepti Venuturumilli16:10:12

Awesome presentation about our delivery transformation journey @ross.clanton410 @maya.leibman!!

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Nick Eggleston16:10:18

Curious what your current challenges are as you drive forward in the DevOps transformation journey... what are you focusing on... what do you worry about?

Patrick Gill, Product Owner - American Airlines16:10:31

@nickeggleston We have Maya and Ross live in our networking session this afternoon to answer this exact question!

Patrick Gill, Product Owner - American Airlines17:10:30

There's quite a bit on the roadmap on the product and engineering culture side... on the legacy platforms side... on the COTS side and of course we have a cloud journey!

Ross Clanton17:10:50

Our biggest focus this year is in driving engagement and the change across our business, which hopefully came through in our talk. Really evolving this from an IT transformation to a business transformation

Nick Eggleston18:10:47

@ross.clanton410 has the business already embraced related concepts like Lean, or is this a big conceptual shift for them?

Ross Clanton21:10:09

It's generally been a conceptual shift. I think many of our leaders do have a lean orientation and we are a bit scrappier not quite as shackled in bureaucracy as I've seen in other large enterprises. Having said that, we are moving an organization that was traditionally firmly in a waterfall/project model to one that is product based. So definitely a conceptual shift....

Jason Hobbs17:10:53

Sharing this great question here as well so people can find it in the BOF channel, I think it’s something all teams can without being overwhelmed (even though the “definition of awesome” should feel out of reach at first)

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Ross Clanton18:10:22

<!here> 👋 Let’s keep the conversation going! Maya and I will be joining the AA networking session this afternoon at 4:45 CST to have some fun and share our journey! In the meantime, join us in #bof-american-airlines and tell us what's on your mind in this 90-second survey and we’ll prepare the cabin for takeoff! ➡️ ⬅️

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Patrick Gill, Product Owner - American Airlines18:10:34

:airplane_departure: Airline Pun Thread - - My favorite ones so far :airplane_arriving:

Patrick Gill, Product Owner - American Airlines18:10:03

asked to Ross/Maya "What headwinds are you up against?" :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

Patrick Gill, Product Owner - American Airlines18:10:02

"Nice presentation. Glad y'all aren't just winging it"

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Patrick Gill, Product Owner - American Airlines18:10:20

"Will you be coming through the channels with virtual snacks?"

Patrick Gill, Product Owner - American Airlines18:10:46

"Do platinum members get upgrade to secret slack channels?"

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Ferrix Hovi - Principal Engineering Avocado - SOK (S Group)18:10:33

"My name is Andy, I'm an alcoholic." "Andy, this is not that AA."

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Patrick Gill, Product Owner - American Airlines18:10:50

@ferrix We always care for people on life's journey; no matter what you need us for! 😁

Ferrix Hovi - Principal Engineering Avocado - SOK (S Group)18:10:00

"Andy, weren't you supposed to be our captain speaking?"

Sam Yeats - TeamForm18:10:44

“We’re replacing the engines, wings and landing gear while flying!”

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Rob Cuddy - DevSecOps Evangelist18:10:33

I'm surprised there have not been any "What's our vector Victor", "We have clearance Clarence", "Roger, Roger" references!

Tony Ogden20:10:41

"Airline fracture" - how American Airlines is transforming their business to gain a competitive advantage

Adam Hawkins, SRE at Skillshare, Host19:10:01

@ross.clanton410 is it an AMA or something else?

Patrick Gill, Product Owner - American Airlines20:10:06

@adam Lots of free space to ask questions directly to Ross, Maya

Patrick Gill, Product Owner - American Airlines20:10:01

<!here> 👋 So about that raffle for 100K AAdvantage miles?! This IS IT! Cabin doors lock in 60 minutes. Stow your contact information in this survey and find your seat in our networking event! ➡️ ⬅️

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James Simon, FCA, Solution Architect21:10:28

Whoa, I didn't even read this before I responded

James Simon, FCA, Solution Architect21:10:01

How do I register from my phone

Patrick Gill, Product Owner - American Airlines21:10:17

Use your camera and take a picture of the QR code on the screen

James Simon, FCA, Solution Architect21:10:52

I usually only use slack on my mobile

Brian Marshall - CarMax21:10:45

I had registered earlier... is there a link I should receive?

Rob Cuddy - DevSecOps Evangelist20:10:12

Now just imagine giving away an exec platinum status for a year...

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Rob Cuddy - DevSecOps Evangelist21:10:36

OK since the upcoming session IS an AMA... here is a random one... has American ever considered putting carryon luggage under the seats instead of overhead? Be able to lift the floor section in front of you and slide things in there instead of overhead bins? More headroom when standing up from the window seat would be most welcome.

Matt Masuda - Quicken Loans21:10:07

The problem with this is that in the current airliner layout the level of the floor puts the seats in the widest part of the fuselage. If you move the floor up to fit carryons under it, you're pushing the seats up into the top part of the fuselage where it curves inward. Reducing width across the seats is a bad thing.

Rob Cuddy - DevSecOps Evangelist21:10:57

... unless you get rid of the middle seat. Which does reduce # of passengers overall but might be the way things need to go post-pandemic

Matt Masuda - Quicken Loans21:10:16

Yeah, I don't think the airlines are going to accept a 33% reduction in capacity long-term. Look how hard they've worked over the last 10 years to fit more seats in. That's never going to fly (ha!) in revenue terms, unless you're willing to accept a 33% increase in ticket prices.

Matt Masuda - Quicken Loans21:10:59

The only place where density has gone down is on the AA 321 Transcons, and they make that work because they're charging a premium for the space.

Rob Cuddy - DevSecOps Evangelist22:10:17

Excellent airline pun there.

Adam Hawkins, SRE at Skillshare, Host21:10:39

Something for the AMA: What are you tips for onboarding engineers to the “you build it, you run it” approach required for DevOps? I figure you’d gone through hundreds if not thousands of trainings/dojos/workshops etc getting people to adopt this new way of working. Asking with a focus on what smaller teams can take away from your transformation.

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Denee (de-NAY) Ferguson - Director, Technology - Capital One (Speaker)21:10:12

Closely related.... how has this journey changed the skill sets you require of candidates?


@steven.leist So great hearing voice again!!! 🙂

Brian Marshall - CarMax22:10:00

Sorry to be missing this! I registered for the event earlier but didn't see a link to a Zoom invite, etc. Hope to catch up with you next time!

James Simon, FCA, Solution Architect22:10:17

So great to see someone else using Menti

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OH: “I’ve been at American Airlines for 33 years, and this is the most fun I’ve had the entire time!” So good!

Ben Burbank (American Airlines)22:10:47

@genek101, It was really amazing. They had just finished 6 weeks in a Dojo and the energy was amzaing!

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Ben Burbank (American Airlines)22:10:56

From there everyone in the product group wanted to be part of the experience. It just started spreading like 🔥


I love that you call your Dojo the Hangar!!!

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Ben Burbank (American Airlines)22:10:55

Here are some pictures of the space.

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Yelena Gouralnik01:10:37

AA Phoenix Hangar (Dojo). Even when there is no dedicated space, there are always conference rooms and highly motivated coaches.

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Yelena Gouralnik01:10:17

Presentation to Business Leaders

Yelena Gouralnik02:10:49

Agile Role donut with one of our Agile Coaches. When possible, make it an outdoor activity.

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So good!!!! I love it!!!

Derick Stenftenagel - Director - Cloud and Platform Svcs, Edward Jones22:10:49

@ross.clanton410 If we have time, would love to hear how you transformed your Infrastructure/shared IT Services groups into product-oriented teams; what were some of the major groupings and how hard was it to get folks to shift mindset

Ross Clanton21:10:21

Glad you found me on dm since I'm just now getting back to this room. Hopefully my response there helped you get going. Looking forward to continuing the discussion after the conference.


@maya.leibman’s story about no one showing up to the “Business Advocates” kickoff was so ___ to hear, and yet so familiar!!! (___ is some combination of the words “heartbreaking,” “funny,” “…aaaargh….“). 😂😱

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Yelena Gouralnik01:10:15

When they do show up, there is a long term success. AA Phoenix Hangar.

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Thank you, @maya.leibman @ross.clanton410 and entire AA team! That was fantastic!!!

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James Simon, FCA, Solution Architect22:10:34

Yes thank you. We all appreciate your story and willingness to share so much

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