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Elise Walton14:10:06

During this morning's break in speaking sessions, join the live demo of HCL Launch, our continuous delivery software. Think of it like tech office hours - HCL Software DevOps expert @brian.stump will be available to answer your questions about HCL Launch and walk you through the tool.

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Sam Yeats - TeamForm16:10:08

Hey here! have a bunch of demos scheduled today, we’d love to show you how we’re bringing to life your network of teams  11-11:15am PDT: TeamForm Live Demo: Managing Supply & Demand at Scale - join @  12:45-1:00pm PDT: TeamForm Live Demo: Measuring Team Organising Principles - join @ 📊 3:45-4pm PDT: TeamForm Live Demo: Measuring Team Proficiency - join @ Visit our booth at

Michelle Fitzgerald_Plutora17:10:16

Join the demo starting now! Come see how Plutora can help fill the gap between business goals and software development, reducing time-to-value! to join @richard.winslow for a live 15-minute demo today in the, or by

Cecilia Judmann - Redgate (she/her)17:10:13

Hi everyone! Great to see such an amazing crowd for yet another great DOES event! If you'd like to have a chat about database CI/CD, Compliance, and Database Monitoring and would like to see a solution demo, we'd love you to get in touch through 🙂

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Victoria Wells, MuseDev17:10:20

Join Muse Lead Engineer Tom Dubuisson as he walks through our Continuous Assurance Platform Muse Live Demo starts at 11:05

Navya Ashok - Moogsoft17:10:16

<!here> hey all! We’re excited to walk you through Moogsoft’s Observability Platform. at 11 am PT!

Kari Reynosa17:10:07

Hi everyone - if you'd like to check out a personalized Harness Demo, you'll earn yourself a T shirt from our Hall of Fame - 🙂 Just fill out the form, we'll schedule it and then ship your limited edition T shirt. Lots to choose from 😉

Sarah Wills17:10:27

👋 Hi everyone! Interested in checking out a Snyk demo to learn more about our dev-first approach to securing open source libraries and containers? and we'll send you a free Snyk t-shirt 👕👇

Ty Posadas17:10:12

CI/CD/CO - if you want to see how companies are integrating Continuous Optimization into their toolchain to auto-provision dynamically as well as auto-configure their run-time environment -- Live Demo Sign Up:

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Traci Myers at Rundeck17:10:25

Check out the Rundeck booth for a demonstration on how Runbook Automation can make an SRE's life easier.

Navya Ashok - Moogsoft17:10:30

Moogsoft live demo starts in 15 mins. for the demo and win $15 Amazon gift card!

Elise Walton17:10:16

In just 10 minutes, see our continuous delivery solution, HCL Launch, in action with a live demo! Info

Cecilia Judmann - Redgate (she/her)17:10:52

Join our 15mins Redgate demo starting at 11:05am PDT on our Monitoring solution! See you on soon! @jeff.meade and I are happy to welcome you there!

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Maddy Finfrock, Split17:10:36

Hi everyone! Split is kicking off the day with Desk Yoga in 5 minutes! Head to to join the Zoom :woman_in_lotus_position:

Cassidy Bodley17:10:27

You may have heard of Opsani’s impressive technology, but now you have the opportunity to learn first hand how it can transform your enterprise. to learn how Opsani can autonomously maximize your resources, boost your SaaS transactions per dollar 800%, and save your developers time to work on core features.

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Tanya Repper17:10:03

📢 First Delphix demo is starting in 15 minutes!!  Join  Be one of the first 15 attendees and you’ll score a Delphix swag bag. One lucky person will also win a Bose Speaker.

Tanya Repper17:10:06

Delphix is giving out swag bags to the first 15 attendees at any of our demos! ⚙️ | Today @ 11:15am  ↔️ | Today @ 3:45pm

Dessie, Sonatype17:10:42

Check out a demo of Sonatype's just released and the next generation of #dependencymanagement at 11:15 PT. Don't forget to secure your free Big League DevOps shirt while in our booth, see you soon!

James (TeamForm) - helping teams at scale18:10:06

Hey DOES!  TeamForm here - hope you having a great time so far!  For you chance to win a next-gen console - Get the secret code - Starting now - 11-11:15am PDT: TeamForm Live Demo: Managing Supply & Demand at Scale - join @

Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig18:10:09

Want to see the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform in action? Join our first live demo of the day starting NOW - join Attendees walk away with a Sysdig swag mystery box!

Traci Myers at Rundeck18:10:58

We’ll be giving demos all day at the Rundeck booth. Or, reach out to the team on Slack (see #xpo-rundeck) for a private demo.  🖥️

Cecilia Judmann - Redgate (she/her)18:10:24

@jeff.meade will kick off a short and sweet Redgate Monitor demo in just a sec! Join us live to get your questions answered.

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Rob Cuddy - DevSecOps Evangelist18:10:05

Our first live demo for Value Streams is starting now. If you would like to see HCL Launch in action, join us here

Lynda Weeg18:10:47

See how ServiceNow DevOps can help accelerate your change management process to perform normal changes at the speed of DevOps. Visit our booth to view our Accelerating Change Management for DevOps demo!

Darya Winters18:10:36

Stop by** to watch @mike.king, Director of Strategic Accounts, talk about Top DevOps Toolchain Related Challenges Faced by Organizations Today. A cool magic trick at the end you won't want to miss! 😉

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Alyan Shafique18:10:41

📣 Stop by the and join our zoom room at 12 noon PT for a live demo of our modern log management platform. Attendees will be entered to win 1 of 3  Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700! 🎧🎶

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Ricky Salguero18:10:13

Catch our live demo in 2 minutes!

Jessica Hofmann19:10:51

Learn how to use feature flags and A/B testing to safely deploy your apps and websites and drive measurable impact! 🚩📈 Be sure to join Optimizely's Demo at 2:30pm PT :female-technologist::skin-tone-2: hosted by @justina.nguyen! Don't miss our session “Alleviating Product-Engineering Angst” with Lawrence Bruhmuller, Chief Technology Officer & Claire Vo, Chief Product Officer today at 1:35pm PT Breakout Track 2.

Dave Charlesworth (Transposit)19:10:39

Join our room at 1pm PDT to see what incident response looks like when you turn alerts into actions with Transposit

Tanya Repper19:10:10

Thanks Corey Brune for the Delphix demo on DevOps Data Automation. Congrats to Yelena Gouralnik for winning the Bose Speaker!

James (TeamForm) - helping teams at scale19:10:12

<!here> Next TeamForm Live Demo  12:45-1:00pm PDT:  Measuring Team Organising Principles @ Join us and we'll give you the giveaway secret code - enter here to win a next-gen console!

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James (TeamForm) - helping teams at scale20:10:10

Thanks for everyone for attending! Next session: 📊 3:45-4pm PDT: TeamForm Live Demo: Measuring Team Proficiency - join @

Carolina Becerra- NowSecure DevSecOps19:10:49

Got mobile apps? Check out NowSecure On-Demand Demo to Automate Security Testing for DevSecOps to test every build, every day! 💥 While you're there you can enter to win a FREE YETI COOLER and chat with our fabulous team 🎊

Scott Erlanger - Digital.ai19:10:39

Hello everyone, our next demo will be at 3:45pm! Make sure to mark your calendars now and learn how can help you automate your release processes, provide governance/compliance, increase reliability, and deliver more value. We look forward to meeting you and helping you with your release and deployment challenges. Cannot make it at 3:45pm?, no problem. Simply visit our booth at and watch a demo on demand.

Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig20:10:08

‼️HAPPENING NOW Are you looking to adopt, or already adopted, a DevOps approach using K8s & containers to accelerate innovation? Join’s LIVE demo NOW to see why monitoring is critical to managing application performance, service uptime & troubleshooting →

Darya Winters20:10:43 to watch our own @phi.wan, CTO at iTMethods, talk about why securing your DevOps toolchain is paramount to the Enterprise DevOps strategy and how iTMethods enables security and compliance on our DevOps SaaS Platform.

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Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig20:10:00

@dale.rodriguez is digging DEEP into the Sysdig platform + your containers - there’s still time to join us

Michelle Fitzgerald_Plutora20:10:31

Want to see Value Stream Management first-hand?  Join a Plutora demo starting every half hour during the conference!  One is starting now, next one is at 2:00pm PT!!

Sarah Wills20:10:58

Have you signed up for a Snyk demo to get your free t-shirt yet? Sign up here 👉 And join us on slack to stay connected! #xpo-snyk

Navya Ashok - Moogsoft20:10:52

<!here> Hi Everyone! 30 minutes until Moogsoft's next demo to walk you through AI-driven observability. and win a $15 Amazon Gift Card!

Andrew Yorra21:10:26

Come find out what happens when static analysis meets DevOps…and unlike traditional static analysis, developers will love it!  Join our demo today at 3:45 Pacific at  Or visit our booth for your own demo, anytime.

Jessica Hofmann21:10:44

Our demo starts at 2:30pm PT (in 5 minutes!) with @justina.nguyen! Come hear how to use feature flags and A/B testing to safely deploy your apps and websites and drive measurable impact.

Tanya Repper21:10:55

Version data like code. Delphix will show you how to refresh, bookmark, rewind, share, and restore virtual data in a live demo at 3:45pmPT today. First 15 attendees score a swag bag! Add the to your calendar!

Cecilia Judmann - Redgate (she/her)21:10:11

Join our Redgate Monitor 10min demo at 15:45 PT with @james.patterson! to get a pit-stop solution overview and to have your questions answered. 🙂

Lauren Hernandez - Sysdig22:10:52

👀 See Sysdig in action NOW @ 3pm - showing a live demo on how to scan for vulnerabilities and see inside containers to alert on anomalous behavior and application health issues. Join here:

Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)22:10:09

Join our live demo at 3:45pm (PT) hosted by @mara.puisite, Principal Value Stream Architect at Tasktop!

Scott Erlanger - Digital.ai22:10:32

Hello everyone, our next product demo is coming up at 3:45pm! Come by to learn how can help you with all of your release orchestration and deployment automation needs. Our experts will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have.  Ready for the summer to return, come for our demo and get a Periodic Table of DevOps beach towel! And don't forget to join us by the Vegas Pool for our DevOps and Hops Happy Hour tonight at 5:30!

Katrina Sison22:10:38

Join our VP of Product for our live demo in 20 min!

Michelle Fitzgerald_Plutora22:10:57

don't miss the next live #xpo-plutora-vsm demo starting now!  See how top enterprises are improving their software delivery process!!

Tanya Repper22:10:28

📢 Delphix Demo starting in 15 minutes!!  Join  Be one of the first 15 attendees and you’ll score a Delphix swag bag. One lucky person will also win a Bose Speaker.

Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)22:10:02

A reminder that Tasktop is hosting a LIVE DEMO at our booth in just 10 minutes!

Vladimir Ten22:10:53

Greetings everyone <!here>! Release demo will be presented during the upcoming break (3:45-4:15pm Pacific). to learn how your team can accelerate software development while attaining superior visibility across all release stages.

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Katrina Sison22:10:26

#xpo-opsani will be hosting a! Reserve your spot to learn how our AI can autonomously maximize your resources, boost your SaaS transactions per dollar, and maintain your cloud budget - at the same time! Attendees will be entered in our raffle for a $200 gift card!

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James (TeamForm) - helping teams at scale22:10:27

<!here> If you interested in all things Teams @ Scale and Metrics - come join our next live demo at 3:45 PDT - 📊 3:45-4pm PDT: TeamForm Live Demo: Measuring Team Proficiency - join @ At this session will also reveal the secret code for our giveaway! win a next-gen console here

Andrew Yorra22:10:39

Join the Muse demo in a few minutes (3:45pm PT) to see how developer and security teams can collaborate to catch critical security bugs early, and without disrupting developers’ flow! And if you miss it, visit us at #xpo-muse to get a demo anytime.

Traci Myers at Rundeck22:10:28

Check out the #xpo-rundeck channel for info on scheduling your own live demo.

Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)22:10:09

Happening now: LIVE DEMO!! Visit the Tasktop booth to join now 🖥️

Cecilia Judmann - Redgate (she/her)22:10:15

Interested in our solutions but also want to use the break for time away from the screen? Our Redgate Monitor demo will give you a solution overview in just 10mins. now.

Mara Puisite (Tasktop)23:10:34

Thanks for coming along to the demo! Myself and the team are here to answer any questions or follow up discussions around Tasktop’s solutions!

msjennylee - DELPHIX23:10:05 for the demo on Data Versioning! Congrats to Ben Kl! You're the winner of the BOSE Micro Soundlink Speaker. We'll contact you post conference and get your prize sent to you. And thank you to our swag bag winners, you'll receive instructions on how to redeem your goodies soon!

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