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Cecilia Judmann - Redgate (she/her)17:10:09

Hi everyone! Great to see such an amazing crowd for yet another great DOES event! If you'd like to have a chat about database CI/CD, Compliance, and Database Monitoring and would like to see a solution demo, we'd love you to get in touch with you here or through🙂

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Cecilia Judmann - Redgate (she/her)17:10:13

we also have some awesome give-aways and a spot-the-difference game :face_with_monocle:

Kevin O'Beirne - Redgate18:10:13

Be sure to check out our! Or if any questions don't be a slacker and just slack it!

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Cecilia Judmann - Redgate (she/her)20:10:21

🍻 Join us for not 1 but 2! We will host one today and tomorrow! Today's host Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Advocate @grant.fritchey will be talking about Catching Performance Problems Early, at 5:30pm PDT. Join us on!

Cecilia Judmann - Redgate (she/her)21:10:06

Join our Redgate Monitor 10min demo at 15:45 PT with @james.patterson! to get a pit-stop solution overview and to have your questions answered. 🙂