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Asa Schachar17:10:37

Good morning everyone! Feel free to ask us any questions about progressive delivery 🎏 experimentation :female-scientist:, or anything Optimizely :male-technologist::skin-tone-4:. If you prefer virtual browsing, check out the booth: 🎪 . If you want to chat about other stuff, we’re here for that too! Like: Are virtual booths ☁️ better than in person booths :information_desk_person: ? (emoji respond if you have an opinion!) Could you run an experiment ⚗️ to test their effectiveness against each other? :thinking_face:

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Jessica Hofmann21:10:57

Our demo starts at 2:30pm PT (in 5 minutes!) with @justina.nguyen! Come hear how to use feature flags and A/B testing to safely deploy your apps and websites and drive measurable impact.

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Jessica Hofmann23:10:46

Don’t miss our Happy Hour at 5:30pm PT on! <|Justina Nguyen> will being demo’ing Flappy Bird live while you play along, so grab your favorite beverage 🍻  Attendees will get exclusive Optimizely swag  🚩 Don’t forget to sign up for Optimizely’s Rollouts and be entered to win a $250 Amazon gift card!