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Jeff Meade -Redgate15:10:07

Excited for another day of DOES!!! 😁

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Cecilia Judmann - Redgate (she/her)15:10:25

Day two in virtual Vegas! 🥂🎉 Great to see so many awesome talks yesterday and great engagement. 😎Make sure to tune in to track 4 at 11:05am PDT today to @grant.fritchey and @stainsworth331 as they talk about the Challenges of Implementing Database DevOps and get your answered!

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Jeff Meade -Redgate18:10:09

@grant.fritchey mentioned the 2020 State of Database DevOps report in his AMAZING talk with @stainsworth331! 🎉 Here is a link to the report for anyone who wants to read further into how organizations are tackling database DevOps. Feel free to post any questions here in the channel or reach out to me directly!!

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Cecilia Judmann - Redgate (she/her)18:10:14

Just as a reminder, @andrew.pierce will be back for a live Redgate solutions demo at 3:45pm PDT! We look forward to seeing you there! 🙂

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Jeff Meade -Redgate22:10:14

Don't forget to stop by the Redgate Booth to play our Spot the Difference game! Play for a chance to win a choice of a SQL Toolbelt license, a Harry & David gift basket, or plain ol’ bragging rights. 🙌 Feel free to message me directly if you have any questions (especially about the SQL Toolbelt license) or just want to chat about what you think of the event so far!