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Leah Brown - IT Revolution01:10:08

Thanks to everyone who joined our happy hour!! So much fun. Grab your free ebook and poster here: Free ebook: Bureaucracy poster:

Matt Ring (he/him) - Sr. Product/Engineering Coach, John Deere02:10:00

@leahb While I definitely appreciate the free eBook offers, I do miss the physical copies that attendees were able to obtain at previous DOES conferences. Hopefully not sounding like a mooch, but I'm curious if there are any options for those that (still) like the physical books to read and mark up? (I did see BVSSH has a 30% pre-order discount). Any discounts or opportunities to get some of these new books in physical form for DOES attendees?

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution02:10:09

Hi @mring Let me confer with my colleagues in the a.m. to see what might be possible and get back to you.

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Laurent Rochette - ServiceNow DevOps17:10:05

I appreciate the free eBook as well but reading it on a website is not super user friendly. Is there a way to download it and it to send to Kindle or any other eReader?

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution17:10:36

@laurent.rochette stayed tuned, the IT Revolution reading app is coming in 24-48 hours.

Matt Ring (he/him) - Sr. Product/Engineering Coach, John Deere22:10:22

@annanWill the reading app be announced during the conference or after, do you think?

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution22:10:43

After — we are pending Apple approving some corrections so we are on their timeline. They give 24-48 hours as the turn around and the correction went in this a.m.

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution22:10:12

Also, to answer the physical book question — outside of the current offers of the free digital books and 30% Sooner Safer Happier offer — we are not able to offer anything else at this time. That said, we offer deals via our social media accounts intermittently and will be giving away books at the next live DOES (reason to come out). And if the current new releases aren’t the same books that we are offering for free at that time. mention this exchange and I’ll hook you up :). Thank you for your patience on the answer for that.

Leah Brown - IT Revolution15:10:09

Welcome to Day 2!! What are you all most excited for??

Leah Brown - IT Revolution17:10:41

Heading over to watch @mik talk! And don't forget to head over to the Tasktop booth to pick up a free copy of his ebook, Project to Product (while supplies last).

Leah Brown - IT Revolution18:10:13

We had so much fun talking bureaucracy (yes, really!!) last night that we're heading over to hear @schmark talk some more on Track 1 in 10 minutes! Feel free to drop by the #xpo-itrevolution booth to pick up his free ebook and poster!

Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies21:10:33

Thanks so much IT Revolution for facilitating the books!

subhashree mishra03:10:33

Thank you so much. How long we can access the library