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Navya Ashok - Moogsoft00:10:27

Make Moogsoft your first stop on this evening's Happy Hour circuit and get an Amazon gift card! Virtual doors open at 5:30 PM PT!

Navya Ashok - Moogsoft15:10:11

Good morning everyone! We’re excited for Day 2 and here’s how you can connect with us to learn more about  • ℹ️ Visit our booth:🖥️ Join our daily demos at 11 am and 2:30 pm PT and win $15 Amazon Gift Card 💰🎉 Enter to win chance to win $250 Amazon Gift Card 💰

Navya Ashok - Moogsoft17:10:17

Want to know what self-service,  AI-driven observability is all about?  🅰️ℹ️ Demo starting now! ….And win a $15 Amazon gift card 🎉 💰!

Navya Ashok - Moogsoft21:10:39

Our next demo starts in 5 mins! Join us and win a $15 Amazon gift card: