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Tanya Repper00:10:13

lets get started

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Tanya Repper00:10:15

📢 Delphix’s happy hour with magician - mentalist Gary Ferrar is starting. A few lucky winners will also win a Bose Speaker. Don’t miss this insane, mind bending event! Join Delphix at our

msjennylee - DELPHIX04:10:34

Thank you to all who joined us for the Magical Happy Hour with Gary Ferrar. I still can't figure out how he read @alan.bitterman’s mind?!! or how he pulled that Love Actually DVD out of nowhere. Also, congrats to Bose Speaker Winners: @austin.wimberly @federico.sanmartin @rothdm And swag bag winners: @rodriguessemensati.e @vincent.bernesi @hkonkler @jackvinson @steven.ellis @cnguyen @fatima.nadeem @krishna.kamani You'll receive an email soon with instructions on how to redeem your prize or swag.

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Jack Vinson - flow12:10:24

That was a lot of fun - thanks for bringing him to DOES!

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Vincent Bernesi13:10:59

Very fun indeed... well done!

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Jack Vinson - flow13:10:12

And I was amused by our name combo. People often mis-hear "Vinson" as "Vincent" 🙂

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Steve E13:10:42

best zoom call I've had all year

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Chrystina Nguyen, Rhythmic Technologies15:10:28

Yea no kidding, my child like wonder was at high levels last night. What a cool virtual way to engage with us!

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msjennylee - DELPHIX04:10:12

Congrats to our Day 1 at DOES Justin Wallis! You won a 1 year Masterclass Subscription!

Federico San Martin12:10:55

thank you for a great happy hour yesterday!! it was awesome

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Tanya Repper16:10:59

Looking forward to another power-packed program at #DOES20. Sign up for our remaining demos and workshop to add them to your calendars! • 15 min demo: | Today @ 10:45am PDT • 15 min demo: | Today @ 3:45pm PDT • 15 min demo: | Tomorrow @ 10:45am PDT • 1 hr workshop: | Tomorrow @ 10am PDT

Tanya Repper16:10:12

Have you entered the yet? You know you want a :unicorn_face: unicorn onesie!!! An Oculus Quest 2 would be nice too.

Tanya Repper17:10:48

We have 2 demos scheduled today. Don’t miss them! 🔄  @ 10:45am :robot_face: @ 3:45pm Stop in for a chance to win a Bose Micro Soundlink speaker. First 15 attendees also get a swag bag!

Tanya Repper17:10:54 starts in 15 minutes at 10:45am PDT! Stop in for a chance to win a Bose Micro Soundlink speaker. First 15 attendees also get a swag bag!

Tanya Repper18:10:00

What is the magic formula for #CX transformation? #DevOps + #dataops. Stop by the to learn more.

Hims Pawar20:10:36

when is happy hour today? or is there one?

msjennylee - DELPHIX20:10:48

We don't have a sponsored one today.

Tanya Repper20:10:24

Thanks to @vikram.kulkarni for the demo on integrating Delphix data refresh with Jenkins. 👍Congrats to our Bose speaker winner: @sumukhi.venkatachalam All attendees also scored a swag bag. Instructions on how to redeem your bag will be sent to your emails soon.🙌🎉

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msjennylee - DELPHIX21:10:31

Remember to sign up for Delphix's last demo of the day at 3:45PM PDT/6:45PM EDT: First 15 attendees get a swag bag and one lucky person will get a Bose Speaker!

msjennylee - DELPHIX22:10:31

Up next: Attendees will receive a Delphix swag, 15 entries towards our Oculus Quest 2 drawing and a chance to win a Bose speaker!