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Starr Stephenson - Instana14:10:18

It's Day 2!! We invite you to come by the booth for all the things! • Sign up for tonights🍻 • See a or chat with one of our team members! 🖥️ • Try our Observability Sandbox here: :beach_with_umbrella: • Enter to win a pair of Apple AirPods Pro! 🎧 • Watch our on-demand webinar with Gene Kim: Lessons from The Unicorn Project :unicorn_face:

Starr Stephenson - Instana16:10:48

Don't miss tonights Happy Hour with Instana! We're hosting a Virtual might not be Tokyo  and we may not be athletes, but there will be competitions and there will be PRIZES! :sports_medal: 🍻 Sign up here:

Jeanie Parker18:10:21

Too busy attending sessions to catch a full demo of Instana? No worries, check instead. Then visit the to schedule a full demo for a time that works for you.

Jeanie Parker21:10:30

Join us this evening for Instana’s Happy Hour Olympics at 5:30pm PDT! See how you stack up against other DOES attendees in a variety of games as you battle to the top of the podium. If you reach the podium, prizes will be coming your way. $50 Amazon gift card for bronze, $75 for silver and $100 for gold!