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Jessica Abelson00:10:03

What do incident management and fighter pilots ✈️ :male-pilot: have in common:question: More than you realized! at Happy Hour to learn how to become the Maverick that brings your incident management to new heights. Hear about the power of post-mortems and participate in an "ask me anything" Q&A featuring nail-biting stories from 9/11 and more. We'll also be raffling off wine 🍷 from his Russian River Valley winery, including a magnum bottle! <!channel>

Hugh Brien - Transposit - Sales Engineer15:10:04

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!! Day Three of the  DevOps Enterprise Summit! Thanks for connecting with us on Slack. We would love to talk so stop by the booth for a live demo or quick chat.

Jessica Abelson19:10:37

<!channel> We've had such an awesome time this week with y'all 🎉 upvotepartyparrot Before you depart, don't forget to grab your free Transposit beanie! Just head to our Be well ❤️