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msjennylee - DELPHIX14:10:59

Congrats to @steven.ellis for winning the Bose Speaker 🔊! We'll contact you after the conference for shipping information. Thanks to our attendees at the Demo on Programmable Data Infrastructure. You'll all receive instructions soon on how to redeem your swag bag. Please slack @serge.delasablonniere or @alan.bitterman with any questions. @alexander_seppala @dan.flores @randall.cespedes @denver.martin @brian.franklin @prasad.gamini @yelena.gouralnik @federico.sanmartin

Lisa Pagnacco15:10:35

I would like a copy of disrupt or die

Ron S15:10:53

I would like a copy of disrupt or die

subhashree mishra15:10:11

I would like to have one

Steve E15:10:23

I'd like one

msjennylee - DELPHIX15:10:38

YAY!!!!!! I will message you each directly

msjennylee - DELPHIX15:10:27

Congrats, and while you're here, let us know if we can answer any questions about getting production quality data to dev/test/UAT/integrations testing/reporting/analytics/etc and check out our drawing for an!

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Serge De La Sablonniere - DELPHIX15:10:07

Hello all - Here is the deck from my presentation yesterday … also if you missed the demo, message me and I can do a 1:1 demo for you today

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msjennylee - DELPHIX16:10:29

Show of hands…. Who thinks a git repo for data is an interesting concept?

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Roman Pickl - technical pm - Elektrobit16:10:00

do you mean storing large files in git directly or using something like git-lfs?

Serge De La Sablonniere - DELPHIX16:10:33

More like storing your large databases (or any datasets) that is needed in your DevOPS work… and have the easy to check it out instantaneously the same way you check-out code

Tanya Repper17:10:18

Discover how our Delphix DataOps Platform boosts revenue and cuts cost. Then head on over to our booth and chat with one of our team members.

Tanya Repper17:10:32

📢 Last Delphix demo at DOES is starting in 15 minutes!! Be one of the first 15 attendees and you’ll score a Delphix swag bag. One lucky person will also win a Bose Speaker. And everyone will get 15 entries for the

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msjennylee - DELPHIX17:10:22

📣 Starting now: Learn how to integrate data delivery and data compliance into your enterprise workflow. Attendees will get 15 entries into today’s! All attendees also get a swag bag.

Brian Franklin18:10:56

Are there recordings of the first two demos from Oct 13th available?

Brian Franklin18:10:42

(I was a day late to the Delphix Magic 🙂 )

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Serge De La Sablonniere - DELPHIX18:10:17

I don’t think those were recorded --- but --- let me find a link where you can see lots of demos we have done…

Serge De La Sablonniere - DELPHIX18:10:43

From the Delphix Community page (you may need to register…not 100% sure)…

Serge De La Sablonniere - DELPHIX18:10:28

That should land you to a page that looks like this

Serge De La Sablonniere - DELPHIX18:10:16

or… (this one I know you need to register - FREE)… our Delphix Academy portal

Serge De La Sablonniere - DELPHIX18:10:36

That should land you on a page that looks like this

Serge De La Sablonniere - DELPHIX18:10:18

@brian.franklin and if you need any specific demo(s), let us know.

Brian Franklin18:10:53

Awesome. Thank you!

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Ron S19:10:05

I'd like a bag full of goodies

msjennylee - DELPHIX19:10:32

Hey Ron, you need to answer the question, what does PII stand for?

Samir Behara19:10:03

Personally Identifiable Information :)

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Ron S19:10:31

Personally Identifiable Information

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David Roth19:10:39

personal identifiable info

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msjennylee - DELPHIX19:10:05

Nice!! I'll be sending you another code for a swag bag by email. I think you have earned a few now from our demos. Hope you like socks and stickers :D

msjennylee - DELPHIX19:10:45

@roman HAHAHA, nice guess, try again 🙂

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Kimberley Wilson19:10:03

Personally identifiable information

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Federico San Martin20:10:29

PII = Personally Identifiable Information

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msjennylee - DELPHIX20:10:04

Yes, you smarties! PII stands for personal identifiable information... i.e. sensitive data which, by the way, Delphix can de-identify or mask automatically using APIs and out of the box algorithms. Our software transforms PII into fictitious but realistic data. And it transforms it consistently across data sources, maintaining referential integrity so your apps won't break.

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David Roth20:10:49

I see what you did there 🙂

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msjennylee - DELPHIX20:10:48

Last Chance to Register. 5 seats left! Get hands-on experience deploying a complete data infrastructure in minutes.

msjennylee - DELPHIX21:10:06

My FAVORITE bottleneck quote from The Unicorn Project. Do you feel me? Better get on over to #xpo-delphix or the, if you do!!!!

msjennylee - DELPHIX21:10:53

Congrats to @lpagnacco for winning the Bose Speaker 🔊 during our last demo! We'll contact you after the conference for shipping information. Thanks to our attendees at the Securing Data Automagically with APIs demo. You'll all receive instructions regarding how to redeem your swag bag by email after the conference @vincent.bernesi @subhashree2005 @brian.franklin @mohamed.elmalah @samirbehara @federico.sanmartin

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Lisa Pagnacco22:10:40

Thank you!!! 🙂

richard wark23:10:51

@vikram.kulkarni great job with the workshop today, thank you and @jenny.lee !

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msjennylee - DELPHIX23:10:52

You're very welcome @richard.wark thank you for being a Delphix customer. I'm looking forward to seeing you at a lot more virtual and live events soon. Please expect an email either tomorrow or monday with instructions on how to redeem some swag bags ;)